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There aren’t enough rap songs about staying in on Friday night and working on your business plan
The Sprout Society, Nicole Swartz, Women Business Owners

Real Talk


You can run a successful business.

You have a great idea but you’re not sure how to turn it into a profitable company. You see other entrepreneurs killing it and wish someone could just give you a roadmap. You start to think that maybe you’re not cut out to run a business.

Here’s the truth. Your idea is good enough. You have the skills to run a successful business. You can absolutely have the life you want: spending time with family, traveling the world, supporting causes you believe in, and creating a business you love that also pays the bills.

You just need to know the roadmap. That’s where we come in!

We’ve built several successful businesses. The kind that let you quit your day job, work from a gorgeous office in the city, get paid to speak around the world, and spend your days doing something you love. We’ve helped our friends and clients do the same thing.

And now we’re sharing it with you.


We've Helped Women


Start a Six-Figure Company

Launch a Luxury Salt Spa

Hire Hundreds of Employees

Trademark an Apparel Brand

License an Organic Baby Line

Sell a Popular Cosmetics Company

Protect Top Influencer Accounts

Develop an Innovative Mobile App

Fund a Technology Company

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The Sprout Society, Nicole Swartz, Women Business Owners

Our Story


We built this for women.

We started as a law firm. Our mission was to help more women start successful companies. And we did. We built a six figure business and we helped our clients do the same thing.

So we started to think big. We wanted to help thousands of women start + grow companies. We wanted to build something that we needed when we started our first company. Something that would have saved us so much time, money, and endless googling.

So we built a community.

And now we can support women in all areas of business.