11 Brand New Business Ideas

11 Brand New Business Ideas

It all starts with a great idea!


But sometimes that idea doesn't come right away. It takes time and a little creativity to find the perfect business.

It's helpful to relax and let the creative process come naturally. It can also be useful to do activities like walking, coloring, or anything that activates that creative side of your brain. You can also use the creative exercises in our guide, 101 Business Ideas, to jump start your brainstorm.

We’ve got 11 business ideas for when you need a little inspiration. Seriously! Take our ideas!


  • Stylish Women's Workwear

Because it’s about time someone made it!

  • Herbal Ice Cream

We’re thinking tea flavored ice cream: earl grey, matcha, eucalyptus mint. Mmmmm.

  • Slow Cooker or Instant Pot Meals in Bag

All those Pinterest worthy recipes, but they arrive at your door and prepackaged. All you have to do is drop them into your cooker of choice.

2. Services

  • Apartment + Home Staging

The Joanna Gaines of the real estate world. You can partner with home owners + agents to help style + sell houses faster.

  • Customer Management Software for a Specific Industry

In practically every industry, businesses rely on expensive, outdated software that doesn’t work with small businesses. Create something simple, affordable, and tailored to the industry.

3. Locations

  • Rooftop Garden

Take your tiny space and turn it into a sourcing hotspot for local restaurants

  • Mobile Nap Stations

Like the Mamava lactation pods but for naps

4. Subscriptions

  • Subscription Office Supplies

A subscription ban.do! We’ll be your first customer!

  • Subscription International Snacks

Sending curated local favorites from around the world

5. Mobile Apps

  • Find a Parking Space App

A crowdsourcing platform like Waze that tells you the location of open spots...because we always need help finding a parking spot in LA!

  • Live Fashion Feedback

Let your users give each other ratings on their #ootd

Looking for more ideas?

Download our new guide, 101 Business Ideas. You'll find creative exercises to help you find your own big idea. Plus, you’ll have access to 101 of our favorite business ideas that are completely free + clear for you to use.




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