The Apparel Regulations You Need to Know


If you're starting an apparel brand, you need to follow specific product regulations. These regulations are meant to ensure that products are safe for customers, and there are hefty fines and possible lawsuits for skipping them.

These rules don't apply to shoes, handbags, or hats.

Here are the top 3 rules you need to know:


#1. Get your Product Labels Right

The front of your product labels need to include the country of origin. This is where the product was manufactured or where the majority of materials are from. Products made entirely in the USA of USA materials must be labeled Made in USA. There are a lot of regulations around the term "Made in the USA" so check with an expert before you start using it.

You must also include company identity, fiber content in descending order, and specific care instructions somewhere on the label. This is super important if your apparel must be washed by hand, dry cleaned, ironed, flat dried, or can only handle a certain type of bleach.

There are additional requirements for wool, fur, and leather products.


#2. Keep the right records

Apparel manufacturers must keep records showing the country of origin, seller identity, and fiber content for 3 years. There are additional requirements for wool products.


#3. Test for flammability

You must produce a conformity certificate by testing for flammability or purchasing fabric from a supplier who issues a guarantee that the flammability requirements are met. These guidelines apply to all wearable adult apparel, except shoes or hats. These rules don't apply to clothing made entirely from plain surface fabric, acrylic, nylon, polyester, or wool.

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