How to Attract Your Dream Client

Ready for more sales?

Finding your dream client is the first step. Now we need to attract them into your audience so that eventually we can convert them into your customers. Here’s how we do that…

Step 1. Your Brand

How do you make a good first impression?

It starts with your brand. This is the first impression that your audience has of your company. It can attract your dream people by speaking only to them. Or it can attract everyone by not being focused.

A recap from yesterday, we don’t want everyone. We just want your people. And your brand needs to attract your people in three seconds or less. It does that by focusing on solving your customers bigger problem…like we teach you how to do in our Sales Academy course. And then creating the branding elements around that message.

Step 2. Your Content

What do you say to your audience?

The overwhelm is real. There are 1000 different topics you can talk about. Instead, you’ll want to focus on 2-3 general topics. This avoids confusion + helps your customers see you as the solution to their problem. And it makes it so simple for you when it comes to content creation.

To do that, go back to your customers problem. These are the areas they want to talk about. And that's it! You don't need to talk about your product or service. They want a solution to their problem.

Then, brainstorm and expand on each topic to create your content calendar.

Step 3. Your Copy

How do you make your message powerful?

This is how you create a really successful marketing campaign. It goes beyond the exact words you’re using and into the overall message that you’re sending out. You need to take your solution and make it memorable by using powerful, visual situations.

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