The 4 Reasons You Need a Brand Partnership Contract!

4 Reasons you need a Brand Partnership Contract!

 We’ve heard so many stories of brands + influencers who haven’t lived up to their end of the agreement. So we always think it’s a good idea to have a contract that makes your partnership even more profitable. Here are the major benefits of a brand partnership contract:


1. You Get Paid

A contract ensures that you get paid or promoted in the correct amount and manner. You can also include project milestones to ensure that things go smoothly throughout the partnership.


2. You Have an Out

Sometimes brands + influencers do stupid things. If you’re forced to work with someone that has fallen out of favor with the public, that’s going to hurt your image as well. You’ll be on the receiving end of a lot of negative comments, and without a contract, you can’t leave your partnership early. Yikes!


3. You Prevent Lawsuits

Save the drama by spelling out all the details ahead of time. How many posts will be included? Are you partnering to do a story or a post or a video? Does the brand need to sign off on the content or can you create it? Does the influencer need to leave the post up for a certain amount of time or can they delete it after a day? Spell. It. Out.


4. You Prevent Fines

You probably already know there are FTC rules about how you disclose brand partnerships. But did you know that the influencer + the brand can be fined for not disclosing the ad correctly? You want to lock down exactly what your disclosure will say ahead of time to avoid the hassle.

Lock it Down with a Brand Partnership Agreement

A contract ensures that you get paid for your posts, while avoiding lawsuits, FTC fines, and all of the drama! We’ve got a Sample Brand Partnership Agreement that locks down your details and protects your company.



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