5 Questions to Ask an App Developer

5 Questions to Ask an App Developer

Mobile is the future

Businesses are flocking to mobile apps faster than a moth to a flame. However, since it takes a pretty specific skill set to create an app in the first place, you’ll want to do your research before you decide to spend anything on an app developer. To save your app developer (and yourself) time, work with your business attorney to answer the following 5 questions and package it in a contract:


1. What is the project?

Before any project, every team should fill out a worksheet and “define the problem” before they discuss anything else. Before you get excited adding all these bells and whistles like a location tracking service to your app, you need to figure out what is your app trying to solve for. That way, anytime you feel like you or the app developer are getting off track, you can return to the problem statement and reorient your design.


2. What is the milestone schedule?

Nothing sucks more than someone who doesn’t deliver on time, and you want to avoid that all costs with your app developer, especially if he/she doesn’t have a fleshed-out portfolio. Instead of paying a lump sum upfront, structure the project and contract into specific milestones for your developer to accomplish by a certain date. That way, you’ll be able to monitor the developer’s progress and only pay when work is delivered.


3. Who owns IP?

Your app developer can make off with your app (since he/she created it) unless you spell out app ownership in the contract. That way, you retain ownership of the code and design and can choose to take your business to another vendor later.


4. Will you have access to your code base?

State in your contract that you want access to the code so that way you can make direct changes if need be. Some website developers like to withhold the code base from customers to make sure that they keep coming back to them for updates. That way, you don’t have to start over from scratch if you want to work with another developer in the future.


5. How long do you have to inspect the website?

As soon as the app is functional, test each function to make sure there are no bugs and that it relays a good user experience. Since you don’t have forever to go back-and-forth with your developer to make changes, make sure you allot enough time to test the app thoroughly.



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