Attract Your Audience in One Second

Attract Your Audience in One Second

This month we’re focusing on branding.

Whether you’re creating a new brand or you want to improve an existing brand.

Here’s how you build a wow brand:

  1. Know your customer

  2. Find their problem

  3. Make it your mission

  4. Build your brand around it

  5. Make it powerful

Today, we’re focusing on step 4:

build your brand


We live in a busy world and there’s so much noise online. Plus, there are so many small businesses out there.

Your branding has to attract your audience in one second. Otherwise, they’re clicking on to the next business.

Here’s how…

Find Your Themes

Start with your people and your problem.

Pick a word for each.

Incorporate those two themes into your branding elements.


I did a brainstorming exercise where I came up with 100 synonyms for my theme words.

I narrowed it down from there and ultimately decided on a name that represented both words.


I scrapped the logo and went with basic text.

It hasn’t made a difference in my sales.

I don’t think that the logo is pointless. I just want you to know that it isn’t a make or break thing.

I see early entrepreneurs spend months on the logo and then they don’t move on to the other, more important parts of their business. Like a business plan, or the rest of the branding, or their website, or social media.

If you’ve been working on the logo for a minute, set it down. It’s good enough.

Time to move on to the next thing.

Colors + Fonts

Head back to your two theme words.

Pick a color and a font that represent each one.

Overall Aesthetic

What is the vibe and look of your brand?

Does this fit with your theme words?

Does this fit with what your dream client likes?


The photos that you feature on your social media and your website should fit the theme words.

They should also show your dream client when they have solved the problem. The images should be your dream client living their aspirational life.

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