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Bone Collective Studio

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Your Name: Taryn Bone

Location: Los Angeles + Boston

Business Name: Bone Collective Studio


Instagram: @bcstudiola

Describe your business in a sentence: Architecture and Interior Design Studio creating unique boutique spaces for live, work, and play

What’s the best business advice you’ve received?: Your network is your net worth. I didn’t start getting the work I desired until I stepped out of my own head and lonely office and began to cultivate genuine relationships with people in different industries. I learn from them every day and it helps get out there and go for the projects I desire the most.

What's one thing you wish you knew when you started?: That I would spend at least half of my time not doing the work (design, drafting, client meetings) but instead that time would be spent working on my business.

Tell us about your journey to start company: I turned 30 and immediately had some major family issues that required my attention. I was in my dream job, but this emotional upheaval was a wake up call that life it too short to waste not working toward my own goals. I first started a cottage foods cookie company called Cookie Expert out of my home. I was selling my cookies to some local coffee shops and did a few festivals. When I decided to quit the aforementioned dream job to pursue Cookie Expert, my husband, wise as he is (I call him my business manager) said that I should also start my own architecture practice because in his words, I would regret it if I didn’t pursue what I spent 7 years in school studying. I thought for sure Cookies was going to be my main business. But within 6 months, Design was already becoming more lucrative and I was soooo over baking those damn cookies every night. In the beginning of BC Studio, I had a partner - my friend from grad school. But within that first year we amicably split. Shortly thereafter, I rebranded and started taking the exams to become a licensed architect. I feel my business truly began when I crafted it as my own.

What is your company’s mission?: To change the perception of architecture and interior design to be more holistic, attainable, and pleasant.

Tell us about your work day!: Most days I work from my home office where I have a large iMac. I usually spend the morning designing, drawing in my computer programs, or building models. The afternoon begins with emails and phone calls - since I'm newly on the East Coast and all of my current clientele is on the West Coast. Then I’ll continue on with whatever projects I need to work on until dinner time. Lately though, it's been feeling lonely and my home office doesn't have any windows - so a few days a week I'll pack up my laptop and work from somewhere new. I'm currently trying out various co-working spaces and coffee shops which is helping me learn more about Boston.

How many employees do you have?: Just me and Napoleon. (my 9 year old maltipoo)

What legal steps do you take to protect the business?: I’ve had my contract reviewed and updated by a lawyer. I'm also a corporation. And lots of money every year goes to my Professional Liability insurance - an absolute must for any architect.

What’s your biggest business expense?: Taxes!

What’s your favorite accomplishment from the past year?: Two of them: teaching architecture studio at Cal-Poly Pomona and getting my first museum project. That one ticks so many boxes of excitement because it is my first project not based on referral - the museum board just found me online and called me!

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the past year?: Waiting until things are slow to work ON my business. You should really be doing that when things are busy, and all the time (note to self!)

What’s next for the business?: Starting to take on projects in the Boston area and being published.

Share your favorite business resource: conferences, podcasts, books: Every Brene Brown book, How I Built This podcast, and Cash is Queen podcast - not even joking, this podcast got my ass in gear this past month when I was really slacking on working on my business.

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