How I Built My Business

How I Built my Business

Our first episode is all about how I built my business...ok it's actually how I built three successful businesses.

In future episodes, we're going super in-depth into my business, so I thought we'd start with my background + how I got here.

And it all started with my first business....


Business #1: An Accidental Entrepreneur

I built my first business, a beauty and skincare line, in my mom's kitchen a few years ago. I was working part-time at a spa and living at my mom's house...with my husband + our two dogs . Things were not going well!

I was already an attorney, but I had just moved to a new state. I had to wait six months before I could practice law. It was time to get creative. I found a DIY skincare recipe on Pinterest and headed to my hometown craft fair. I spent a few hours in the sun + left with $1,000 in my back pocket.

I was hooked! And a business was born!

But there was one little problem: I didn’t know how to run a business.

I was in over my head!

And I made every mistake in the book.

Step-by-step, I figured it out. In a year, we were an international company with products in stores around the world and featured in Conde Nast Traveler, the Golden Globes Giftbags, and Extra TV. And I moved out of my mom’s house (Bonus!)

A Funny Thing Happened…

So now I’m running an international beauty company and I start meeting a lot of other women who are running their own companies as well. We meet up for coffee and business conversation weekly. We chat about our wins, our losses, upcoming opportunities, and pieces of advice. Since I’m an attorney, they also start coming to me for legal work. And I love every second of it!

And one day, when I’m completely covered in sugar and coconut oil, it hits me. A lightbulb moment. The beauty business was never my passion. It was something I started to pay the bills. It had done that + then some. But it wasn’t something I was doing because I loved it. I discovered that helping women build their businesses was my real passion.

So I sold the beauty business + I started Sprout Law, a law firm for women entrepreneurs. It was a hard decision, but I knew it was the right one.

Business #2. A Law Firm for Women

So we started Sprout Law: a law firm for women. Our mission was to help more women start successful companies.

And we were completely overhwlemed by the response!

We offered free consultations six times a week and still often had a waitlist of months in advance. We had to hire more staff. We received daily emails and instagram messages from our audience telling us “hey, I know this is weird, but I had to tell you that I absolutely love your brand! Thank you for what you do!”

When was the last time a law firm could say that?

Plus, we were featured in the Washington Post, Forbes, Girlboss, Brit + Co, and invited to speak at South by Southwest, Alt Summit, and the largest tradeshows in the world!

But we were still thinking bigger

And, it turns out, so were our clients!

At every legal consultation, we heard the same questions: Who created your brand? Who designed your website? Who runs your social media? How do you land press + speaking gigs? How do you hire staff? How do you handle the finances?

You wanted to know how we built our business. And we thought, ya we can totally do that!

So we expanded!

Business #3. A Community for Women Entrepreneurs

We wanted to help hundreds of women start their companies. We wanted to build something that we desperately needed when we started our first company. Something that would have saved us so much time, money, and endless googling.

A community for women entrepreneurs.

A place where you can learn how to start a company, build a brand, create a sales strategy, setup operations, track finances, download contracts, and take your business to the next level. A community where you can meet likeminded women and find your new business besties. And a resource where you can get tips on business mindset, networking, fashion, and travel. All in one spot.

And that’s where we’re at today!

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