How I'm Building a Six Figure Business

How I'm Building a Six Figure Business in One Year

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I’ve built three successful businesses with the same strategies.

And I’m on a mission to show you how to do the same thing.

So we’re walking through it together. Step by step.

Here’s how we’ll do it…

January: Business Plan

I need a plan to build my business.

I’ll find an idea, test it, and then put it in writing.

I’ll brainstorm and figure out what I want this business to look like.

Then, I can plan out the right way to get there.

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February: Brand

I need a brand that speaks to my audience.

I’ll start with my dream clients.

I’ll talk to them, build a customer profile, and figure out the main problem.

Then, I’ll build a brand: my name, logo, colors, fonts, tagline, and images.

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March: Products + Services

I need a collection of best-selling products + services.

I’ll survey my audience, test some ideas, and create a product + service collection.

I’ll find the right price that drives sales and works for my business.

I’ll also build some passive income options to make more money.

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April: Website

I need a website that makes sales.

I’ll start testing my website to see what works and what doesn’t.

Then, I’ll make changes to ensure that people are engaged on the website.

I’ll also add a blog to bring more traffic to the website.

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May: Email

I need to automate my sales leads.

I’ll create a free lead magnet to start my email list.

Then, I’ll build an automated welcome sequence that drives sales.

And I’ll test my download, open, and click rates to increase conversions.

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June: Social

I need to bring people from social media to my website.

I’ll create an instagram strategy to increase followers.

I’ll plan out my posts and create an instagram template to save time.

I’ll also create a pinterest strategy to drive sales.

I’ll plan out my posts and create a pinterest template to increase email subscribers.

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July: Press

I need to expand my audience.

I’ll find my dream press + speaking opportunities.

I’ll create a press page on my website and a press kit download.

And I’ll write a press + speaking pitch.

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August: Sales

I need a proven sales system.

I’ll start by writing a sales script that converts.

I’ll build a customer experience that wows my customers.

And I’ll find a client system that reduces my time.

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September: Operations

I need to save time.

I’ll find the things that only I can do.

I’ll automate as many areas as possible.

And I’ll hire a dream team to handle the rest.

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October: Legal

I need to protect my business.

I’ll create a legal company.

I’ll protect my brand with a trademark.

And I’ll find key contracts to avoid drama.

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November: Finances

I need to make more profit.

I’ll setup my finances properly.

I’ll start reviewing them monthly to improve the numbers.

And I’ll prepare for taxes to save time.

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December: Review

I need to take things to the next level.

I’ll review my numbers for the year.

I’ll figure out what worked and what didn’t.

Then, I’ll brainstorm and make a plan for next year.

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