How to Book Your First 10 Clients


When I first started my business, I had this crazy idea:

I would click the “publish” button on my website and automatically get sales.

I assumed that people would know how to find my tiny website on the giant internet. And that once they found the website, they would become clients.

Two years later, I realize how silly that is.

Not only do you have to actually implement a social media strategy that includes testing your website, starting an email list, and driving people back to the website via instagram, pinterest, and other social media sites...

You also have to make it easy for people to buy or sign up on the website.

So that’s what we’re talking about today...


  1. Create a Sales Page

I remember looking at my annual company review two years ago and thinking, I have to figure out how to get people to book appointments on the website.

At that point, I was scheduling everything by hand and it was becoming a pain.

So I invested in a website and had a big “Book a Consultation” button on the front page.

The problem was that it had been up for a few months and no one had booked anything. I couldn’t even give away a free meeting!

I’m glad I can look back at that moment and laugh. But at the time, it was serious. I know how stressful it is to need clients and not know how to book them.

There are a couple strategies that worked for me, but the biggest thing I’ll tell you is to play around with it. The tips in this blog worked for me. But other things may work for you.

Try things. Keep it for a week. If it doesn’t work, keep trying until it does.

I found the best luck with a simple short page titled “Consultation” that you can reach from the navigation links in my homepage. Once you click on that page, there’s a short paragraph of copy that tells you what to expect during the call (aka how this call helps you solve a problem) and a link to apply...more on that later.

That’s it!

2. Offer a Consultation

The best way to sell something is with a conversation. I really believe that.

I can sell way better than my website. Because a conversation is dynamic. You can listen and understand what the person needs and respond to that with how you can help.

Of course, if you have good copy, a website can come close to that. But it’s no substitute for a conversation.

I think this applies to services and products.

I do free consultations weekly at Sprout Law. Now that we’re a thriving business, I have fellow business owners tell me that I should start charging for my consultations. But I want to talk with as many potential clients as possible and charging puts up a barrier to that. I know that if I can talk to them and answer their questions, they’re likely to become clients eventually.

I also did free consultations when I ran a skincare business. They just had a different name. They were wholesale meetings. I’d email as many stores as possible and set up phone calls to discuss working together.

If I ran a product business that sold to consumers, I’d do the same thing. Maybe they’d take the shape of a Facebook Live or an Instagram story.

I want to be talking to my customers as much as possible, whoever they are and in whatever way makes sense.

3. Serious Buyers Only

Consultations can take up a lot of time. I do them six times a week. So it’s important to make sure that it’s worth your time and that they actually convert into sales.

I think the reason why I’m able to keep my consultations free is because there’s not a lot of time wasted. I qualify my leads ahead of time. I already know that the people I’m talking to are interested in working together. There’s not a lot of confusion or sticker shock or window shopping.

First, they’ve invested a little bit of time into it already. They’re taking thirty minutes out of their day to learn about the legal topics and talk to me about them. So I know they’re interested.

Second, they have to take some action to get started. I have them fill out a short questionnaire before they can book an appointment. I keep it short (4-5 questions) so that they can move on through the process quickly. The longer that they have to fill out questions, the more likely that they leave.

But this way I know that, before I even get on the call, that I’m talking to someone who is actually interested in working together.

4. Make It Easy to Work With You

Make it easy to sign up for a consultation with you. They should be able to book and schedule an appointment with you online. Without having to talk to a single person.

We see consultations booked at 2am sometimes. Hey, whatever works!

It should be easy to work with you, too.

I have an entire welcome process that starts when they book a consultation. It’s filled with emails about what to expect, appointment reminders, a personalized quote, and a few other branded extras.

I’ve made it easy for them every step of the way. And when they’re ready to work with me, all they have to do is click a button!

That’s what works for my business.

But try some things out. There are a lot of different ways you can add these tips to your business as well.

Free Download: How to Book More Clients

When I first started my business, I had this crazy idea: I would launch my website and automatically get clients.

Two years later, I realize how silly that sounds.

It takes a proven sales strategy to book clients. And I’m sharing mine!

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