How to Book Your First 10 Clients

How to Book Your First 10 Clients

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It’s time to book more clients.

And the best way to do that is to make things simple.

It needs to be easy for clients to talk to you and work with you.

Here’s how to do it...

Create a Sales Page

You need a website page that tells all about your product or service.

And it needs to be in your website navigation links.

Those are the most visited pages on your website.

Your services need to be there so people will visit them.

It should break down the problem that you solve, how you solve it, how the process works, what’s included, how much it costs, and any other frequently asked questions.

Tell them everything they need to know about that service.

That way, they’ll be prepared for the consultation.

Have a Free Consultation

The best way to sell something is with a conversation.

You can sell way better than your website.

Because a conversation is dynamic. You can listen and understand what the person needs and respond to that with how you can help.

Yes, it takes time. But it’s the best way to make sales.

You can ask them about their struggle and what they’re hoping to achieve.

Overall, you want to listen more than you talk.

This conversation isn’t about you.

This conversation is about them. They’re coming to you with a problem.

Listen. Understand.

Then, you can introduce a product or service.

Show them how it can help them get there.

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Serious Buyers Only

It takes time to have a consultation with everyone.

You need to make sure that you’re spending time on people who are already interested in working with you.

Otherwise, it’s a huge waste of your time.

The services page on your website should help with that.

It means they’ve already looked over your services and they know how things work before they hop on a call.

If they weren’t interested in that already, they wouldn’t book a consultation.

That’s why I think it’s smart to put pricing on the website.

You want to make sure that you’re on the same page about price before you both spend thirty minutes talking about it.

A consultation questionnaire should also help with this.

It makes sure that people are invested in the process and that they’re a good fit for your work.

Keep it short so they can complete it and move on.

This way you know that you’re talking to someone who is actually interested in working with you.

Make It Easy to Work With You

It should be so easy to book a consultation with you.

They should be able to book and schedule an appointment online.

That way they can schedule at 2am. Whatever works for them!

The link should be in your navigation links, announcement bar, and instagram bio.

And it should be so easy to start working with you.

Try an automated system that sends proposals, contracts, and invoices.

You need to automate the sales process so your business can scale.

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My Client System

Two years ago, I was looking at my company review and thinking, I have to find a way for people to book appointments on the website.

At that point, I was scheduling everything by hand and it was a pain.

I had a big “Book a Consultation” button on my website homepage.

The problem was that it had been up for a few months and no one had booked anything. I couldn’t even give away a free meeting!

I played around with it for a few months.

I tried an in-depth page. I tried a lot of photos. I tried different designs.

And I had the best luck with a simple page titled “Free Consultation” that you can reach from the navigation links on my homepage.

I haven’t changed it because I know it works.

I have free consultations ten times a week at Sprout Law.

I’m able to keep them free because there’s not a lot of time wasted.

They book online and I have an automated system that schedules the appointment, adds to my calendar, and inputs them into my client system.

I have an automated welcome process that starts when they book a consultation. It’s filled with emails about what to expect, appointment reminders, a personalized quote, and a few branded extras.

I’ve made it easy for them every step of the way.

After the consultation, I send a proposal, client agreement, and invoice.

And when they’re ready to work with me, all they have to do is click a button!


  1. Create a services page on your website

  2. Add a free consultation to your navigation links

  3. Set up an automated client system



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