How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

How to Beat the Instagram Algorithm

It’s really tough to grow your following on Instagram right now.

They seem to limit how many of your posts show up in the feed to make way for ads.

It’s the same thing that happened to Facebook... they began to limit organic views to encourage ads.

But, there are some ways that we’re seeing success on Instagram right now.

Here’s how we beat the algorithm…


The Follow Method

We’ve grown our Instagram account, @thesproutsociety, to over 10k followers using a specific follow method.

First, find an Instagram account that your dream customers are likely to be following.

For example, if your business is a modern wellness shop, then Goop would be a great choice.

Next go to Goop’s instagram and follow each person that is following Goop.

These followers are your dream clients and they’re more likely to follow you back.

This has been the only way we’ve grown our following!


Quotes have much higher engagement rates over pictures.

Plus, they seem to be one of the only posts that do well with hashtags.

Try motivational or funny quotes.

Or pull one from your blog to promote your latest post.


Hashtags are still working well for us.

But most people aren't using the best hashtags.

Be very intentional and do your research on each one.

Make sure your dream clients are actually following that hashtag.

Instead of using the most popular hashtags with millions of posts, it’s better to use medium sized hashtags.

Your posts will show up better in the hashtag feed.


Business goes down in the DM.

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s actually a great place to talk to your customers.

Try encouraging them to send you a message for more information. Build real relationships with them.

What Doesn’t Work

Swipe up! I know this is disappointing and hard to believe.

Everyone wants to get 10k followers because you get this feature. But trust me, it doesn’t work.

And the Instagram pros (our influencer clients) agree.

It’s too much work for people and the conversion rates are nada.

Think about it: when was the last time you actually swiped up? I never do.

So skip the swipe up and focus on the follow method, quotes, hashtags, and DMs.

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