How to Build a Deeper Connection with Your Audience

How to Build a Deeper Connection with Your Audience

This month we’re focusing on branding.

Whether you’re creating a new brand or you want to improve an existing brand.

Here’s how you build a wow brand:

  1. Know your customer

  2. Find their problem

  3. Make it your mission

  4. Build your brand around it

  5. Make it powerful

Today, we’re focusing on step 4:

build your brand


Branding is more than your name and logo.

I know because in the beginning of my business, I spent a lot of time coming up with a clever name and hired a graphic designer to create my logo. I spent hours tweaking the design and the colors.

But it wasn’t working.

And, it was keeping me from building my business.

As a perfectionist, it felt difficult to move on to other things in my business when my logo wasn’t perfect.

Eventually, I changed the name to Sprout Law and scrapped the logo.

And a crazy thing happened…it turned out the logo didn’t matter.

I started getting emails and dms from women saying how much they loved the brand….and they never mentioned the name or the logo.

They loved the holistic brand. What it stood for. How it all came together. The mission and the intention behind it.

And that’s how I realized that branding is more than a name and a logo.

It’s what your brand is about. And then building all the traditional branding elements around that mission.

Here’s how…

Find Your Themes

Start with your people and your problem.

Pick a word for each.

Incorporate those two themes into your branding elements.


We want to be so clear in our copy so that we’re talking to our dream clients about solving their problem.

Who are you talking to? What words do they use? What industry terms do they know?

What are you talking about? What are all the different topics about solving their problem?


From the moment your client buys a product or books a service, you want to relay that mission.

Every point that they interact with your brand is a touchpoint. And it’s an opportunity for you to reinforce what you’re all about.

How can you incorporate your mission into your confirmation emails, unboxing process, personalized projects, pdfs, invoices, etc?


We all know businesses who have fallen out of favor because their internal policies were way out of line with their mission.

It’s so shocking to us that it sticks in our minds.

I like to play a game called: if people found out about your company policies would they be delighted or horrified?

The way you run your business is a part of your brand. It affects your decisions and your reputation.

How can you run your company so that you’re furthering your mission?


If company policies are what happens during the 9-5, your authenticity is what happens when you’re not working.

It’s the things you do in every day life that reinforce the mission. How are you personally solving that larger issue. How are you living that aspirational life.

These are things you can bring forward in your about page and in your social media.

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