How to Build an Automated Sales System

How to Build an Automated Sales System

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The internet is a big place.

And it’s so easy for a business to disappear in all the noise.

You have to find people online and bring them back to your website.

Here’s how to do it...

Your Sales Machine

You’re building a system that brings in sales automatically.

It takes a second to start.

But once it’s in place, it takes minimum time.

Your customers will find you on social media.

They’ll come back to your website.

They’ll subscribe to your email list.

And they’ll turn into customers.

It’s really that simple.

Why You Need a System

You can’t sell to cold traffic.

People who come to your website for the first time aren’t buying anything.

They need to build a relationship with you.

They need seven interactions with you before they’re ready to buy.

That’s where this system comes in.

You can find customers and start building real relationships.


Add a Blog

You need to bring people to your website.

And blogging is how you do it.

I know you’re busy.

But if you want more sales, this is how you do it.

A blog brings people from social media to your website.

How can you help them solve their problem?

What information do they need?

The biggest mistake is writing about you, your products and services, your ingredients, your process, or your company.

You need to write about them.

Pick a few topics that relate to their problem.

Then brainstorm your blog posts within these topics.

You want to blog at least once a week.

If you really want to make more sales, try a short daily blog.

Companies who publish 16+ blog posts each month received 3.5 times more traffic than those who published only 0-4 posts.

Once a day is a lot, but if you’re serious about making more sales, that’s how you do it!

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Build a Relationship With Email

People who come to your website for the first time aren’t buying anything.

They need to build a relationship with you.

They need seven interactions with you before they’re ready to buy.

That’s where email comes in.

You can start building real relationships.

Add a Lead Magnet

It’s not enough to say “sign up for the newsletter to receive updates” or “here’s a 10% discount code.”

An email address is worth $25.

You need to provide something of value in exchange.

You can do a downloadable guide, an online course, or a webinar.

Pick a topic that relates to your brand and helps your customers solve their problem.

If you don’t know what to write about, then you haven’t figured out the problem you solve yet.

You’ll create the download. Add it to your email service.

Then, add it to your website homepage and blog pages.

Create a Welcome Series

You want to welcome new email subscribers with a series of emails.

These are automated so you only have to make them once.

And they’ll drive sales for you automatically.

Again, these are focused on providing value.

Think about your dream client and their problem.

What else do they need to know?

You’re giving them information and telling them how they can work with you to solve that problem. You’ll include a link to your product or service.

Test these open rates, click rates, and conversion rates to make sure they’re working.

And use plain text over a fancy template with pictures. It’s not as pretty but it converts more.

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Promote on Instagram

You need to bring followers back to your website.

This is where they’ll buy your products and services.

The best way to bring them back is with your content.

A weekly blog post. An email download.

And then create a post, story, or instagram live promoting it.

That’s why I love blogging so much.

It takes time. But it also brings so many people back to your website.

Try posting a graphic with the title of your latest blog post + relevant hashtags.

It may not have a lot of likes, but it will drive a lot of people to your website.

Create Viral Pins

The best way to bring people back to your site is to create pins for blog posts and your email download.

People want to learn about a topic and they need to visit your website to do it.

Here’s the secret: I don’t upload my graphics to Pinterest.

In fact, I don’t actually use Pinterest at all.

I use Tailwind. And it’s completely free!

It’s a third party website that is affiliated with Pinterest.

It allows you to form “Tribes” with other people who have similar audiences.

Then, you all share each other’s content.

This means you’re able to get in front of so many new audiences and bring more people to your website.

Trust me, it works!

The amount of traffic it sends to my blog is insane.

I’m not using affiliate links because I want you to know this is legit.

You can start by watching some tutorials about how Tailwind works.

Then, you’ll create graphics, upload them into Tailwind, and share in the Tribes.

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My Sales System

People always ask me how long I spend on my marketing.

I think they expect me to say that it’s all I do.

But it only takes me about 4 hours a month.

I write 4 blog posts. That takes about 2 hours.

I write the Instagram captions. That takes the other 2 hours.

My email system is automated.

And I have my virtual assistant schedule posts and pins.

It takes me 4 hours and costs me about $200 a month.

And it brings in new clients every single day.

That’s why I love this system so much.

I know it seems like a lot at first.

But take it step by step.

Once it’s in place, it will bring in so many sales.


  1. Find time to write blog posts

  2. Create an email lead magnet and welcome series

  3. Promote the blog posts and lead magnet on social media



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