How to Build a Sales Machine

How to Build a Sales Machine

This month we’re focusing on how to start a business.

Whether you have an idea that you want to turn into a business. Or you have a business that you want to turn into a moneymaker.

Here’s what you need to consider when it comes to sales strategy…



Why It’s Important

Sales is changing. It’s not shouting at people to buy your stuff anymore (thank goodness!) It’s about helping people with their problems and providing your expertise so that they know and trust you can help them with bigger problems.

Sales isn’t a dirty word

There’s a common feeling that it’s icky and self promotional. Look at sales like a two way street. Your audience has a problem and you can genuinely help them.

The problem isn’t your clients

We often use our audience as a scapegoat for why we’re not making sales. They don’t understand the value of this!

But it’s not them. It’s you. You’re not communicating the value of what you’re providing, why it costs a certain price, and how it can help them.

The good news is you can start doing that and fix your sales.

Go back to the problem

Think about your dream clients and find their problem. Pick one problem and build your marketing around that. The copy that you use should reflect the feelings around that problem.

Try using the same words and feelings that your audience uses in your copy. Keep a document of the words they use.

And try writing your copy to one person that you know who has this problem. It’ll make it sound more real.

Make it easy

Create an easy sales process. It should be simple and quick for people to buy or make an appointment. The more time it takes, the more you’re losing sales.

This is also great for you. It lets you streamline your operations and gives you a heads up about red flag clients. People who can’t or won’t follow your system may be trouble in the future. Remember, it’s a mutual exchange!

Your Turn

What one problem will you focus on? What feelings does that bring up for people? How can you simplify your sales process?