How to Create a Company Mission

How to Create a Company Mission

This month we’re focusing on branding.

Whether you’re creating a new brand or you want to improve an existing brand.

Here’s how you build a wow brand:

  1. Know your customer

  2. Find their problem

  3. Make it your mission

  4. Build your brand around it

  5. Make it powerful

Today, we’re focusing on step 3:

how to create a company mission


You know your dream clients.

You know their problem.

Now let’s put them together and find your mission

It’s Why Your Business Exists

Businesses exist for one reason: to solve a problem.

It doesn’t exist just to sell your products and services. That’s so boring. For you and your clients. You don’t want to spend years of your life just making products or providing services with no purpose. And your customers don’t want to spend money on things that have no purpose.

Plus, if you just sell your products and services, then you’re a commodity. It’s like when you’re buying screws…do you really care about the brand? No! You just need screws and any kind will work. Usually the cheapest.

When you’re a commodity, you’re interchangeable. There’s no reason why people would pick you over your competition. You’re usually competing on price. And there’s always someone lower.

So become a brand and solve a problem.

Forget Everyone Else

You can’t make everyone happy. And your branding can’t make everyone happy either.

While we want everyone to buy our products, we can’t spend our marketing time and money trying to attract everyone.

We just don’t have the resources.

There will be people who don’t understand your mission. Who think it’s pointless. Who it really doesn’t apply to.

That’s okay! In fact, I think it’s great.

It means there are people out there who will feel really passionate and excited about it.

And that’s much better than the opposite: where everyone thinks it’s meh.

Create a mission statement

Your mission statement is also your elevator pitch. It tells people who you work with, what problem you solve, and how you can help solve it.

Here’s what it looks like…

I help (my dream clients) to (my solution) with (my products and services)


I help women to start and grow businesses with trademarks, contracts, and copyrights.

What’s your mission?

If you want to work on your mission statement, check out our free download!

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