How to Attract More Repeat Customers

How to Create a Customer Experience that Keeps Clients Happy

Your business isn’t about the first sale.

It’s about the 2nd, 3rd, 4th sale from that customer. That’s how you reduce expenses and increase sales.

A new client is 25x more expensive than a returning client.

And the average customer spends 70% more in year two.

So keep your people happy!

They’ll come back and tell their friends.


  1. Product Experience

The customer experience starts when the customer hits buy.

It includes the shipping process, materials, speed. It includes what’s in the box. All the little details. It needs to be on brand. It needs to be enough to delight them but not so much that it overwhelms them.

A lot of pressure, right?

Let’s start with the beginning: your brand.

It’s important that your product experience fits in with your brand. It should be related to your company mission and the problem that you’re solving for your dream clients. It should remind them of how you can help. And it should solve a small problem for your clients.

It should go above and beyond. Something they’re not expecting that will really make their day. Make them smile.

Try not to make it overwhelming for people though. You want it to be helpful. Not another thing on their to-do list.

Think about the past purchases you’ve made that really stuck out to you. The ones who went above and beyond.

How can you add those touches to your business?

2. Services

I think services need a customer experience, too.

It’s not enough to provide a great service. You need to go above and beyond. That’s what makes your customers rave about you and tell their friends.

It starts as soon as they book a consultation or sign up to work with you.

I have an entire client welcome process that starts when they book a consultation. It’s filled with emails about what to expect, a personalized download, appointment reminders, and a few other branded touches.

And it doesn’t stop when the service is over. You need to remind them throughout the year. Again, not in a salesy way. But in a genuine, here to help kind of way.

Think about the feeling that you want your customers to have when their problem is solved.

Does your service process make them feel that way?

3. Loyalty Program

A loyalty program is a great way to keep your best clients happy. Think like a Sephora or Starbucks program.

It turns out that customers spend 20% more when they have a loyalty program.

You can give a certain discount or free item when customers spend a certain amount.

For example, we offer trademark clients a 20% discount on our contract templates.

Make sure you add limits though so you’re not giving away too much for free. I went to a restaurant recently that had a discount of “buy 5 drinks, get a 20% discount on everything forever.” I’ll be honest, I’m worried about that business. That’s way too much of a discount to offer for purchasing 5 drinks.

Play around with what customer experiences and discounts work for you. Try not to think of it like an expense. It’s an investment into your customer loyalty and your relationships. The data says it’s a good investment.

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