How to Create a Press Kit

How to Create a Press Kit

A press kit is essential.

It'll help you be featured in publications and speak at events.

Here's how to make it stand out...



It’s the first thing anyone will see, so make it count. 

You’ll want to introduce yourself and explain why you’re a great fit.

Remember, the bio isn't actually about you!

It's a chance to show that you can provide value to your audience.

Also, no one listens to a boring expert.

Show off your personality and let them know you’re bringing both expertise and entertainment to the table.

Press + Speaking Experience

You'll want to include examples of previous press + speaking experience.

Your first time?

Don’t worry!

Try highlighting clients or testimonials instead.

Three Topics

You should include three speaking topics.

These are topics you can talk about for at least thirty minutes.

This makes it easy to be chosen.

It also positions you as the expert.

Because you know what people want to hear about in your industry.

Add to Your Website

Add a press page to the bottom of your website.

This will serve as a reference for press.

It's a place to download your press kit and contact you.

Download The More Press Method

It's our downloadable guide to help you book more press + speaking gigs.

You’ll learn how to create a press kit.

You’ll learn how to pick your three topics.

You’ll create a webpage to attract press.

If you want more press + speaking, you need to know these tips!