How to Create Balance in Your Business

How to Create Balance in Your Business

The hustle myth is real.

The startup mentality of working all the damn time. 18 hour days. No weekends. No vacation. We have to be hustling. It's how we build a business.

Or is it?

I've tried hustling nonstop and honestly, it left me burned out. It wasn't good for me or my business.

In today's episode, we're sharing the four actionable tips you can take to stop the hustle + start incorporating more balance into your business.

Because the money we make is no good without the time to spend it.



Frame Your Day Intentionally

As business owners, we have a million things on our to-do list. We could easily work all night or all weekend with no shortage of tasks. There’s always something business-related that we can be doing with our time.

And sometimes I forget there’s me-related things that I can be doing with my time, too. I started thinking about what other things I enjoy and creating space in my day to do them.

In the mornings, I’ll make time to meditate, practice yoga, play with my dogs, journal, or make breakfast…before I turn on my computer.

For me, having empty space with nothing to fill it is a recipe for doing work. So I try to intentionally fill my non-work time.

What are things you can be doing in the mornings and nights instead of work?


Have Set Hours

One of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is the flexibility. You can start and end your day at the times that work best for you.

For me, this leads to trouble. I find myself starting work way too soon and ending work way too late. I wanted to get everything on my to-do list done!

Creating set work hours has helped me find more balance and be more productive. Now, I set alarms on my phone for my work start-time and end-time. I know that I’m not allowed to start working until the alarm goes off in the morning. And I know the alarm in the afternoon means I have to wrap up the project.

I also set a lunch break alarm so that I’m reminded to actually take a lunch break. Otherwise, I’m tempted to keep working through lunch.

These set work times can be flexible. Occasionally, I’ll still work late or on the weekends. But those are the exceptions. My business office hours are the rule!


Take Vacation Days

If you were working at a job, you’d likely have a set number of vacation days a year. And you’d be tempted to use them because otherwise, you lose them.

But when you own your business, there’s no set number of vacation days. They’re unlimited! Or are they?

There’s a new study among startups that have no set vacation days that shows it actually causes people to take less vacations.

And that’s exactly what I was doing in my business. I thought it was unlimited, but I never took time away from my work.

Now, I have a set number of vacation days that I have to take each year.


Redefine Hustle

We usually define hustle as overworking. But what if hustle actually meant something better.

I started thinking about this when I was hiring employees. I wanted people with hustle. But that didn’t mean I wanted people who worked 14 hour days and weren’t accomplishing much because they were too burned out. It meant I wanted people who could find a way to make things happen and get things done. In the shortest amount of time possible.

I realized I should value that type of hustle over putting in long hours. And that I should do that myself.


Redefine Lazy

We think of someone who isn’t hustling all the time in their business as lazy.

Look, I run two businesses. And I work hard. I know you do, too. If I want to get my work done as quickly as possible and then go enjoy my life, I don’t think that’s lazy. I think that’s smart.

I think lazy is doing what everyone else is doing without thinking about whether it’s actually working for you. I think being lazy is following this hustle myth and working 18 hour days when it makes you feel terrible.

So I’m done being worried about people thinking I’m lazy because I stop working at a normal time.

Because the money that we make in our business is only worth the time that we have to spend it.

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