How to Design Your Website for Sales

How to Design Your Website for Sales

Your website is the single most important piece of your business.

I truly believe that.

Because we all live and shop online now.

And your website is probably the first place people go to learn about you.

Here’s what you need to make a great first impression:


Simple Template

Don’t get cute with it. Keep it simple. All of your important pages should be easily visible in your top navigation bar. People rarely find pages outside of those top links.

Make it easy for them and put your most important pages up top.

High Quality Graphics

Your graphics need to be spot on. If you can’t spring for professional photos yet, no worries. Try some unique, non-boring stock photography.

Branded Site

Your website template, colors, and fonts should all attract your dream clients.

Does it convey your mission in one second? Because that’s about how long you have before your user leaves the website.

Your website needs to be well-branded for your audience to stick around.

Test it out

It’s also important to see how customers are interacting with your website.

You designed it a certain way, but your customers may be having a different user experience.

I love HotJar for testing out my site. It’s a free service where you can see how your customers use the site, where they get stuck, and where they leave.

Try running monthly tests on different pages of your website and updating the site based on your results. It’ll help customers stick around longer and have a better experience on your site.

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