How to Find Time for Your Business

How to Find Time for Your Business

The hustle is real.

I know because I started my first business as a side hustle.

I was working part-time at a spa.

I'd spend my nights making beauty products, shipping wholesale orders, sending samples to influencers, and emailing press contacts. On weekends, I'd pack up my car and sell my products at craft fairs around the state.

There were never enough hours in the day to get everything done. And my to-do list kept growing.

It was hard to build a business while working a job and having a life!

But I figured out a few productivity hacks that made it a lot easier...

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This is the process we’'ll walk through. Together.


Write Out Tasks

Write out everything you need to do in your business. Start with the big categories like Products, Marketing, Finances and then break them down into smaller steps.

For example, Marketing can be broken down into Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube.

And those channels can be broken down into onetime (setup YouTube channel, create profile picture, learn how to use YouTube!) and repeating tasks (create videos, edit videos, schedule videos).

I put my to-do list in outline form so it’s easy to read!

Start with the Most Important Thing

I often start with the easiest things on the to-do list. The five minute tasks. Like responding to quick emails or fixing something in my instagram bio.

But those aren't the tasks that will move the needle the most.

Ask yourself...

What's a task I can do today that will make money?

What’s a task I can do this month that will benefit my business the most in the long run?

And do that task first.


One Step at a Time

Don't spend your time trying to learn funnels, facebook ads, or finances yet.

You'll pick those things up when you need them. Focus on the one task at hand.

Then, move on to the next.


One Hour a Day

Try to spend one hour a day on the business.

I know it gets hard with work, and family, and life!

Maybe you get up an hour early. Maybe you stay up an hour later. Maybe you take a lunch break to work on the side hustle.

Find somewhere that you won’t be bothered. A room in your house. A coffee shop. A library. And tell your friends + family that it’s your business time. Turn the phone off and focus. You can do it for one hour.

You'll get less sleep for a few months, but it'll pay off in the long-run.

And one hour a day really adds up if you’re focusing on the big picture tasks!


Find Your Systems

I really believe in the power of automation.

I saw a big shift in my time and my business when I started automating things like onboarding, scheduling, and invoicing.

There are cheap and low cost ways to do all of the above. And it will free you time up to work on bigger things, like growing your business!
It’s worth the $15-20 a month.


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