How to Get Ready for a Tradeshow

How to Get Ready for a Tradeshow

Ready to exhibit at a tradeshow?

The first step is to stay calm!

Trade shows can be overwhelming. And for good reason. They're one of the best ways to secure wholesale accounts, large distribution deals, sales reps, and national press coverage. If you invest the proper time + money in your trade show exhibit, you'll see major company growth.

So much goes into getting ready for a tradeshow: from walking the show to designing your booth to creating your marketing plan. You can find expert tips + tricks on each step in The Sprout Guide to Tradeshows.

Right now, we’re breaking down the to-do list and timeline to get you show-ready!

Six Months Ahead

Assess Your Goals

Lock down your short + long terms goals for exhibiting.

Determine Your Budget

You can use our sample budget to plan your expenses.

Pick the Right Show for Your Company

National or local? Industry or general? Orders or cash + carry?

Walk the Show

Attend the show to make sure. We’ve got a handy checklist for you.

Five Months Ahead

Reserve Your Booth

Work with the show staff to pick the right location

Book Travel + Lodging

Lock in those long-term rates

Protect Your Brand

Trademarks + Copyrights are your friends. Your company is about to be on display to thousands of buyers and competitors. Make sure no one can steal it!

Four Months Ahead

Design Booth

There’s so much that goes into booth design (and that’s part of the fun!) Check Pinterest for ideas!

Create Marketing Materials

Line sheets, order forms, catalogs, postcards, business cards, press kits

Design a Plan to Attract Buyers

Will you host events? Will you do giveaways? How can you attract your target buyer?

Two Months Ahead

Pre-show marketing

Send out postcards + emails to buyers

Create Policies

Set your wholesale policies ahead of time

Create Ordering System

Work out the logistics of processing so many orders in such a short time

Hire + Train Staff

Find local workers to help and ensure they know the sales routine

One Month Ahead

Create a Packing list

Make sure you don’t forget the essentials...and the tradeshow essentials!

Prepare Social Media Posts

Start promoting now. One less thing you’ll have to do on show day!

Make Products Ahead of Time

You’ll be tired when you get back home so have your products ready to ship

Create Show Schedule

The show will be chaos so internal organization is key!



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