How to Hire Your Dream Employees

How to HireYour Dream Employees

Hiring employees is overwhelming!

There’s a lot to think about when you’re bringing a new person into the company that you built. You have to assess the job description and qualifications that you need, the salary + benefits that the company can afford, and the training process for the new employee.

But one thing you don’t need to stress about is the hiring process. We’ve broken it down into three simple steps:

Step 1. Interview

You’ll want to consider the type of employee you’re looking to hire and create a job ad to attract that person. Think about where your ideal candidate is most likely to find your ad and what language will appeal to them. After a week of receiving applications, contact your top 3-5 applicants and schedule an interview.

Heads up that there are serious federal (and possibly state/local) regulations in place for what you can say in a job ad, where you can post it, and what questions you can ask in an interview. And they’re probably things that you wouldn’t even notice! You should definitely know more about these rules before you publish your ad and start interviewing candidates because employment lawsuits are no joke.

Step 2. Hire

Send your top candidate an offer letter and an Employment Agreement. This is so important because it clarifies ownership of any work created and confidentiality of all company information.

Again, you’ll want to know all of the applicable federal, state, and local regulations for employees before you make your hire. Consider things like overtime, minimum wage, safety, family + medical leave, and record-keeping.

Step 3. Payroll

You’ll need to set up a payroll system to ensure employees and employee taxes are paid on time.The time that it takes to learn + maintain can be onerous and your effort is better spent running your company. This is definitely something you’ll want to outsource, if possible.



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