How to Make Money from Pinterest

How to Make Money from Pinterest

Instagram used to be the be-all and end-all of social for businesses.

And it still is a big part of my marketing strategy. We still get a lot of clients from instagram.

But there’s been some recent algorithm changes and it’s harder to be seen on Instagram lately.

So I started looking elsewhere. I’d been hearing from friends for a while that all of their referrals had been coming from Pinterest. I was pretty shocked. Who searches Pinterest for my industry?

Turns out a lot of people.

Because it’s actually a search engine. And in their recent IPO, Pinterest listed themselves as a search engine...not a social media site.

So I started playing around with it. And in six months of Pinterest, it’s already surpassed the results on Instagram.

Here’s how I do it.



If you aren’t starting your Pinterest from scratch, take the time to clean up any existing boards. There shouldn’t be anything left on your page that isn’t directly related to your business. Get rid of those recipes, home design, and fashion boards!

Since Pinterest is a search engine, your board titles should be a search term.

Type the terms into the top bar and see what auto-populates. That will give you an idea of what people are looking for and you’ll be able to get ideas for what to call your board.

Go searchable over cute!


Now it’s time for you to post on Pinterest.

You’ll want to create different Pinterest graphics.

I like to use Canva because it’s free and easy.

You can create your own templates or use Creative Market or Etsy. Whatever way you go, make sure your Pin is longer than it is wide.

Tailwind Tribes

My secret to Pinterest is Tailwind.

Again, I’m skipping the affiliate referral because I want you to know I’m for real about this recommendation.

Tailwind is the best for Pinterest growth. The amount of traffic it sends to my blog is insane.

You don’t need to fork over a bunch of cash upfront to get started on Tailwind either since there’s a free option.

The first step: definitely put some time and effort into learning how to use it because it’s a little confusing. There’s bunch of tutorials available so spend an hour there.

The feature that I use most is Tribes. Tribes works by grouping businesses that are in the same industry together and that allows them all to share each other’s content. After you join a relevant Tribe you submit your Pinterest graphics with a link to your site. Tribe members repin your post and you repin other members posts to your boards.

Start submitting your pins and sharing other pins!

How Often to Pin

You’ll want to create graphics for every blog post, podcast episode, video, email download, and shop item.

Add content to your Tribes daily. It only takes a minute and the web traffic and email subscribers you’ll see from it are amazing.

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