How to Solve Your Customer's Problem

How to Solve Your Customer's Problem

This month we’re focusing on branding.

Whether you’re creating a new brand or you want to improve an existing brand.

Here’s how you build a wow brand:

  1. Know your customer

  2. Find their problem

  3. Make it your mission

  4. Build your brand around it

  5. Make it powerful

Today, we’re focusing on step 2:

solve your customers problem


Your business exists for one reason: to solve a problem.

Here’s how you find yours.

How to Pick Your Problem

The key is to go beyond your products and services.

Ask yourself why your clients work with you? Why do they buy? What do they want out of life? What do they want in the world?

Think big picture.

If needing your products or services are the problem, you need to take a step back.

Pick one Problem

It can be tempting to pick a lot of problems to solve. But just pick one.

Make it a big one.

Make it one that no one else would dare to make.

And make it one that your audience really cares about.

But just one.

Once you start solving a bunch of problems, you confuse the message and your audience.

How you Solve it

You solve the problem by making that your entire company mission.

Your mission isn’t to sell. It’s to help.

And when you frame it that way, business becomes a lot less scary and a lot less icky.

It feels natural and it feels good.

You’re helping people solve a problem. Everything you do, from your branding to your products and services to your marketing will revolve around that.

So take selling off the table and start helping.

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