How to Use Trademark Symbols

How to Use Trademark Symbols

You're probably seen the trademark symbols before.

They're the little marks that show your brand is protected. The three symbols are: TM, SM, and the circled R (®). Here's everything you need to know about using trademark symbols correctly:


Why you should use trademark symbols

Trademark symbols are used to notify the public that your mark is protected and to prevent other companies from using similar names. It's a good idea to use the symbols because it makes easier to prove that someone violated your trademark rights by using a similar name.


Where to put trademark symbols

They should be used in the upper right hand corner of your company name or logo.


Which trademark symbols to use

TM is typically used once you file a trademark application for a product-based brand.

SM is typically used once you file a trademark application for a service-based brand.

R is only for trademark applications that are approved and registered by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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