How to Write a Press + Speaking Pitch

How to Write a Press + Speaking Pitch

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You need the perfect pitch.

A pitch that works everytime.

And books the press + speaking opportunities that grow your business.

Here's how to write a successful pitch...

Think About Providing Value

The biggest mistake you can make is writing a pitch that’s all about you.

A long bio. A paragraph about your products and services. All your successes.

You want a full feature about how incredible you are.

But that’s an ad. And it costs money.

You can definitely do that.

But if you want free press + speaking, you have to provide value.

Write a Winning Subject Line

Start with the subject.

Your subject line is the most important part.

It’s what determines whether your pitch is opened or deleted.

Press contacts receive hundreds of pitches every single day.

And it’s the same for conference organizers, podcasts, and popular events.

Think about how you are providing value to their audience.

That’s your subject!

I like to use numbers and how-to, like “Top 5 Tips for…”, or a ‘How To Achieve...’

These have much higher open rates than other types of subject lines. 

Tell Them Why You Love Them

Start with how you know them.

Are you a regular reader or follower?

Were you introduced by a friend?

Have you attended the event before?

Then, talk about why you love them.

Ideally, this will be something you have in common.

Maybe you have a shared audience or mission.

Introduce Yourself

Tell them about you.

Who you are.

What you do.

How you can help.

And why their audience will love you.

You don’t need a whole bio. One sentence works great.

Three Topics

You should include three topics that you can talk about.

These are topics you can talk about for at least thirty minutes.

This makes it really easy to book you. Instead of trying to plan how you fit into the event, they can pick from a menu and move on with their day.

These should also fit with your brand themes.

Otherwise, you’ll be wasting your time on press + speaking opportunities that won’t convert to sales.

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Focus on Your Audience

Your pitch should be entirely about how you can help the audience.

What will they learn.

What will they walk away with.

How are you making their lives better.

Tell the press + speaking contact how the audience will benefit.

Add Your Bio

You'll include a short paragraph about you and your company.

Include links to your website or attach your press kit.

This is where you can list your accomplishments, products and services, and where people can find you.

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My Pitch

In my skincare line, I was constantly writing pitches that looked like this:

“Our best-selling body scrubs include innovative scents like Strawberry Rose, Lavender Honey, and Grapefruit Mint”

“Our body scrubs are made with premium ingredients, like rose petals and lavender buds”

And I never received a single response.

I was writing all about myself. And honestly, no one cared.

They only cared about their audience. As they should.

Once I changed my pitch to providing value for the audience, we had no problem booking press.

We landed in the Golden Globes Gift Bags. We were featured on Extra TV. We were in countless newspapers, blogs, and magazines. Our products were photographed with celebrities.

And, in the law firm, we’ve been featured in the Washington Post, Girlboss, Forbes, CNBC, and hundreds of publications.

All for free.

All because of this pitch strategy.


  1. Write it about the audience

  2. Write a winning subject line

  3. Include your three topics



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