How to Write The Perfect Pitch

How to Write a Press Pitch

Writing a pitch email is hard.

I spent a year writing bad pitches with no response before I finally figured it out.

Here's how we write a successful pitch...


Subject Line

Your subject line is the most important part.

The press receive tons of pitches every single day.

A great email subject line makes sure that your pitch email is opened.

I like to use numbers, like (Top 10 Tips for…), or a ‘How To’.

These have much higher click rates than other types of subject lines. 

Introduce Yourself

As you introduce yourself, try to connect with them. 

Talk about how you know them and why you love them.

This lets them know that you're a good fit for their brand as well.

Focus on your Audience

Remember the press + speaking myth.

You're not selling them an ad. You're providing value to their audience.

Try answering a question or suggesting a trending topic.

And no matter what you do, don't mention your products or services in the pitch!


You'll end with a short introduction to you and your company.

Include links to your website or attach your press kit.

If you're selected, they'll promote you in the press publication or at the event.

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You’ll use the proven pitch template.

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You’ll send successful pitches.

If you want more press + speaking, you need to know these tips!