How We Get Press + Speaking Gigs

How We Get Press + Speaking Gigs

We’ve been really lucky at Sprout Law.


We’ve been featured in amazing publications, like Girlboss, Bustle, Washington Post, CNBC, ABC News, Golden Globes, blah blah blah.

We’ve spoken at huge events, like Magic the Apparel Tradeshow, that gorgeous Pretty Thing event in Hollywood, and countless conferences for women entrepreneurs.

And we’ve been interviewed by our favorite podcasts, like The Lifestyle Edit and Lady Balls Nation.

Along the way, we’ve been comped at the Bellagio for a week, we’ve hung out in speaker VIP lounges filled with gourmet food + swag, and we’ve spoken with thousands of women who treated us like rockstars for sharing our story with the world. Like I said, we’re really lucky.

But here’s the secret: it’s not all luck!

We’ve been really hustling at the press game. We’ve spent hours creating our press kit, honing our pitch, and emailing press contacts. And we did it all without paying one cent! Yep, we’ve been featured in all those places without paying any money for publicity.

Step 1. Build a Press Kit

If you build it, they will come, right? A press kit makes everything simple for the person booking you. And making yourself easy to work with is a huge competitive advantage here. Plus, the people booking you for interviews, podcasts, and speaking gigs actually look at this stuff! I can’t tell you how many conversations have started with, “I looked at your press kit”. So you’ll definitely want one.

Step 2. Build a Speaking Profile

Add a page to your website where you can post your Press Kit, your background + areas of expertise, and past successes in this area. This can help you SEO to be found in searches for speakers in your industry. Add your speaking information to your social media bios as well.

Step 3. Make your dream list

Brainstorm a list of magazines, newspapers, blogs, podcasts, social media accounts, shows, conferences, organizations, and events. Think of places your dream customers would likely see you + places that will position you as an expert in your industry. There’s no one too small or too big!

Now send out your pitches!

Step 4. HARO

Have you heard of Help a Reporter Out? It’s a free daily email service that connects reporteres with interview sources, products, and partnerships. You can sign up to receive emails in a variety of industries. It’s actually how we’ve received all of our press.

The key is in the pitches. You need to be early to respond, use an engaging subject line, and offer a helpful response. Plus, if you work with a reporter, you now have a personal contact that you can reach out to later.



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