Make Your Brand Powerful with Stories

Make Your Brand Powerful with Stories

This month we’re focusing on branding.

Whether you’re creating a new brand or you want to improve an existing brand.

Here’s how you build a wow brand:

  1. Know your customer

  2. Find their problem

  3. Make it your mission

  4. Build your brand around it

  5. Make it powerful

Today, we’re focusing on step 5:

make your brand powerful


As humans, we retain information and facts.

But we remember stories.

We feel emotions. We share them with others. And we use them to create connection.

It’s why we laugh and cry at commercials.

It’s why we remember random 90s song lyrics but not important historical facts.

Stories have power in our minds.

And it’s an incredible thing when your brand can tell a story.

But not just any story. The right one…

Pick one Relevant Experience

Think back to your dream client. They’re currently experiencing a problem.

What does that look like in their everyday? How is it a struggle? What’s harder than it needs to be? What are those pain points?

And what’s an experience that all of your dream clients would relate to? That they’ve felt before?

We picked the experience of not seeing yourself represented in business and feeling like you don’t belong. Imposter syndrome.

Solve it

Now let’s say they decide to work with you and you solve their problem.

What does that relatable experience look like now?

How has it changed for the better? How are they feeling?

For us, that was women as the face of business. If women could see themselves included, they’d feel like they belong. Plus, if women in business were commonly represented, it would mean that women were finally respected in business and that we’d accomplished our mission.

Tell the story everywhere

Now tell the story.

Focus on the positive.

How are you changing your dream clients lives on a daily basis?

For us, we chose “women are the new face of business”

We want women to be seen and respected and represented in business. So women in business don’t have imposter syndrome where they feel like they don’t belong here because they’ve never seen anyone like them here. So little girls see themselves in a business textbook and feel like they belong.

That’s our story.

What’s your story?

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