The #1 Thing We Did This Year...

The #1 Thing We Did This Year...

We just finished up our 2018 Company Retreat. As I looked at the numbers, it was very clear what worked + what we need to improve for next year. I’m hoping that by sharing it all, you can use our successes + avoid our mistakes.

Here’s what worked for us this year…


Things That Worked

A system! I started using a system called *17 Hats* to revolutionize my business. I was spending so much time on client management last year: appointments, proposals, projects, invoices, blah! This system does it all automatically so I can spend time on growing my business. It saves me so much time each day.

Instagram. We joined a service that follows our dream clients on the ‘gram. It’s been the main thing that grew our instagram and our sales. Last year, we were stuck at 200 followers for about six months. We started this service and now we’re at 11k + growing! You can dm our friend @hausofdimitri to chat more about this.

Blogging. I read a stat last year that said blogging every day increases your traffic by 3000%. But, I got burned out by blogging daily really quick because…it actually worked! I was overbooked with clients and didn’t have time to keep blogging. I know blogging often seems like a lot, but it really worked for us to get sales.

Branding. We focused on our dream clients this year and created all of our branding around them. I used our Better Business Plan to find my dream customers and build my company around them. Then, I spoke with my dream clients for six hours a week last year during our free consultation to find out what they needed.

Things That Didn’t Work

Facebook ads. I played with ads a bit this year and haven’t figured it out yet. We tried out different campaigns, audiences, and ads…and still nothing! I know Facebook ads are important so this is something that I’m investing in heavily in 2019. Bring on the courses!

Hiring the right employees. I realized I needed to hire employees because it reached a level that I couldn’t handle alone. I had to get past the mindset blocks that I can do everything alone or that nobody can do it like me. But, I struggled with how I hire and manage employees, which often led to missed deadlines.

I’m investing time + money into figuring out these two main mistakes we made this year. I know that they’re so necessary for growing my business + having our best year in 2019!



* Our Promise *

We want to be open about what we use in our business so you can start + grow your dream company, too. Sometimes, we use resources that have affiliate programs. Sometimes, we prefer resources that don’t have affiliate programs. We’re giving you an honest opinion either way.

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