The 5 Things that Your Business Plan Needs

The 5 Things that Your Business Plan Needs

This month we’re focusing on how to start a business.

Whether you have an idea that you want to turn into a business. Or you have a business that you want to turn into a moneymaker.

And the first step is a business plan.

If you don’t have a business plan yet, grab one and follow along with us this month.

If you already have a business plan, now is a great time to break it out and make sure it’s still working. As we run our businesses, we learn so much about our company and our customers. Keep checking back in to update goals and strategies.

Here’s what you need to consider…



Why It’s Important

You want to build your business from the top down. Start with the future of your business and then figure out how to get there.

It’s so much easier than figuring it out along the way.

You’ll make better decisions and get where you’re going a lot faster. A business plan helps you build a company that customers love.

Don’t get caught up in the format. You can use a traditional plan, a one page business plan, or a bullet journal. Pick the one that works for you and answer the key questions.

Map it Out

Figure out your big picture goals: revenue, milestones, where you’ll be in 5 years. Plan your company future.

Keep it somewhere that you can see. I keep mine on a whiteboard in my office so I see it everyday. I also keep a copy in Trello.

Think about your SWOT

What are your strengths in your industry or in business?

What are your weaknesses in your industry or business?

How can you play to your strengths and weaknesses?

Company Mission + Values

Your company mission is your overall goal. How is your business changing the world?

Your values is how you walk that walk. How will your company work to make that mission happen.

These may seem too big picture, but they’re important because we’re going to build your branding around these key areas.

Your Industry

What does your industry do well?

What do they struggle with?

Talk to clients and customers in this industry to find out what you can improve.

Find your Competitive Advantage

What is the one thing that you do differently than your competitors?

Make sure it’s something your customers really care about. We want to build your brand around it!