How to Increase Your Website Traffic

How to Increase Your Website Traffic

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Your website is the most important thing you own.

You need to bring people to the website.

And your website needs to convert them into sales.

Here’s how to do it...

Top Navigation Links

Most people will only visit these pages.

Make sure that your most important pages are in these links.

Anywhere you want people to buy a product or book an appointment.

High Quality Graphics

Your photos need to represent your brand in the best light.

They should show your dream client reaching their goal.

And they need to look professional.

It’s okay if you don’t have your own professional photos.

You can use stock photography instead.

Our favorites are Unsplash and Social Squares.

Branded Site

You have a few seconds to show your dream client what you’re all about.

Your template, colors, and fonts need to convey that.

Head back to your dream client for a second.

Who are they?

What problem are they trying to solve?

How can you convey the brand message?

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Test It

You want to see how customers are interacting with your website.

You’ll be able to see what they’re doing, where they’re going, and when they’re leaving.

You can fix problems, place calls to action in popular places, and keep them on the website longer.

Run a test on each page of your website and update it based on your results.

Try HotJar for website testing. It’s completely free.

Add a Blog

You need to bring people to your website.

And blogging is how you do it.

I know you’re busy.

But if you want more sales, this is how you do it.

A blog brings people from social media to your website.

What to Write

Think about your dream clients and the solution they want.

Talk about that.

How can you help them solve their problem?

What information do they need?

The biggest mistake is writing about you, your products and services, your ingredients, your process, or your company.

You need to write about them.

Pick a few topics that relate to their problem.

Then brainstorm your blog posts within these topics.

If you’re not sure what to write, then you haven’t found the problem that you solve yet.

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How Often to Blog

As often as you can!

At least once a week.

If you really want to make more sales, try a short daily blog.

Companies who publish 16+ blog posts each month received 3.5 times more traffic than those who published only 0-4 posts.

Once a day is a lot, but if you’re serious about making more sales, that’s how you do it!

How to Save Time

Try batching your blog posts.

You can set aside a few hours a month to write four blog posts.

Then, schedule each one to post throughout the month.

They don’t need to be perfect or more than a few paragraphs.

The most important thing is that you’re putting them out there and they’re helpful.

It takes time.

But it’s the best use of your time because it translates into sales.

My Website

When I looked at my google analytics, I saw that we had 600 website views.

For the entire year.

I read a stat that blogging will seriously increase the amount of people to your website and thought I’d try it out.

I wrote a post every single day for three months. And promoted it on social media.

Did it take a long time?

Hell yes!

Did it work?

Hell yes!

We were so overwhelmed with clients that I actually had to stop blogging because I couldn’t keep up.

Then, I wanted to test my website.

I found out that no one was downloading my email opt-ins on blog posts.

Most of the traffic on the website comes through the blog, so I was missing a lot of opportunities to build email relationships with blog readers.

I tested this with a few options. First, I changed it to a link. Then a picture. Then I put it at the top of the blog post. Then at the bottom. Finally, I found one that worked!

And we started receiving a lot more email opt-in signups from the blog pages.

There were so many other things I changed to increase conversions: my 404 page, my email opt-in thank you pages, and my product pages.

Now, I know that people are coming to my website and converting into sales.


  1. Test your website

  2. Find 4 blog categories

  3. Set time to write 4 blog posts



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