The Dirty Secret to Website Traffic

The Dirty Secret to Website Traffic

If you’re looking to make more sales, blogging is where it’s at!

I know it’s time consuming and I know you’re busy. But it gets sales.

It’s the best way to get people to your website.

The more they come to your website and stay awhile, the more likely they are to buy.


What should you write about?

A great place to start is answering FAQs from your clients.

You can also talk about big picture trends in your niche or look at Google search results related to your business. 

If you have a podcast or video series, post a written summary on your blog each time you drop a new episode/video.

Written words rate higher in search rankings and additionally you’ll reach those who may not have time to listen or watch. Those people will still get the same information from your podcast or video from your blog post plus they are now on your site clicking, scrolling, reading, and interacting.

How often should you blog?

As often as you can!

I think at least once a week is good.

If you really want to jumpstart sales, try a short blog every day.

Hubspot discovered that companies who published 16 or more blog posts each month received 3.5 times more traffic than those who published only 0-4 posts.

Once a day is a whole lot, but if you are serious about wanting more sales that’s how you get it!

I tried it for three months and became so overwhelmed with clients that I had to stop blogging for a minute.

At the bare minimum, post once a week.

How to save time

I find it’s easiest to write your blog posts in batches.

You can write a whole month of posts in a single day and schedule each one to post throughout the month.

That way you can focus on the new customers your blog traffic is getting you.

Again, it takes time. But it’s the best use of your time because it does translate into sales.

And we're going to show you how to promote your blog posts with social media next week...

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