How to Grow your Email List

How to Grow your Email List

Think email is dead? Think again!

Email is actually the best place to communicate with your best customers.

While social media will always have a place in our hearts, it’s really for attracting new audiences. It’s hard to talk with your best clients on social because you can’t guarantee you’ll show up in their feed.

With email, you know you’re popping into their inbox.

And if you want more sales, it’s time to start having real conversations with your best customers.


Choose the Right Email Service

I used MailChimp for years because, let’s be honest, it’s free. And I didn’t think there was a difference.

I’ve recently switched to ConvertKit and wow. I saw a huge jump in subscribers immediately after that and it’s so easy to track the results of my emails. Plus, it’s a lot easier to use.

I’m not even an affiliate because I want you to trust what I’m telling you. I love it!

Whatever email service you choose, take some time to learn how to use it. Watch all the videos you can and really understand how it works.

You can set it up so that when they download your lead magnet, they’re added to your email list.

Find the Right Lead Magnet

You want to give your customers something for signing up to your list.

You can do Downloads, Courses, Webinars, or Discounts.

Pick an introductory topic that your customers need to know about before they work with you or buy from you.

Create a 10-20 page pdf with all this information.

Create a Welcome Series

After your freebie, you want to welcome people with a series of emails.

It can be one week or six weeks long. You can send them daily or weekly.

What else do they need to know about the topic?

How can you help them?

A few tips on writing emails:

I pick one person and write emails to them, like I’m talking to a friend. We get so many responses that say, I feel like you’re talking to me! And that’s because I am!

Ask a question to increase engagement. Prompt them to respond to you with the answer.

Use plain text over a fancy template with tons of pictures. It’s not as pretty but it converts better. I learned this the hard way after spending so much time creating pretty templates.

Be Consistent

Try sending out regular emails after your welcome series.

Again, focus on providing value instead of being promotional.

Think about the emails that you open in your inbox. What is it about them that you like? How can you write emails like that?

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