The Power of Business Manifestation

The Power of Business Manifestation

Let's get all woo-woo, crystal loving, crazy hippie for a second! We're talking about manifestation, how it's worked in my business, and how to do it.

If manifestation totally weirds you out, you can also think about it like goal setting, accountability, a Pinterest board, or a business plan. You create a vision, you write it out, and you check back in with it often.



Find Your Goals

The myth that we need to be hustling all the time in our businesses, with no vacations, breaks, or weekends off is insane. It wears us down emotionally.

Make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Business is a marathon, not a sprint.

Dream Big

When I set a big scary goal last summer, it sounded crazy when I said it outloud. Like, who are you to dream that big? And I had to preface it with, I know this is never going to happen but…here’s my goal.

If it doesn’t make you feel crazy, it’s not big enough!

Make Sure They’re Yours

I got into the habit of setting goals for things that I didn’t actually want. A fancy car. A high-powered job. And those things don’t make me happy.

Pick things that you actually want. Not things you think you should want.

Write it Down

The best thing you can do with your vision is to write it down. Whether that’s a Pinterest board, a business plan, or a sticky note! You want to be able to see it everyday.

Check In

There are so many decisions to make. Check back in with the plan to ensure that your decisions are leading toward your ultimate goal. I used to checkin with every small decision. Now I know my plan well enough that I only checkin with the big decisions.

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