The Top Secret Way We Get Press For Free

The Top Secret Way We Get Press For Free

We’ve found the secret to booking press.

It’s called HARO (Help a Reporter Out).

And it’s how we’ve landed all of our major press: like the Washington Post, Girlboss, Forbes, CNBC and Bustle.

All from HARO and all for free.

We used this tool with my first company, a skincare line, too.

Were featured in the Golden Globes Giftbags and with top celebrities. All for free.

I sometimes hear from clients that they’ve tried HARO and it didn’t work for them.

I get it. I tried it for a year with no responses. But then I figured out the secret and changed my approach.

Here’s what I learned…



Otherwise known as ‘Help a reporter out’, HARO is a database of professionals in the media, looking for quotes or sources, which means valuable media exposure for you. 

Once you sign up, you’ll receive 3 emails per day, with most requests centred around finding quotes or sources.

Each request is industry specific, meaning you’ll know straight away which requests are suitable for you. 

Bonus: there’s also a gifting email, perfect for product-based companies who’d like to provide free products to events.

Our Tips

We like to perform a press sprint over 6 weeks, at least twice per year. 

We open every single HARO email, searching for requests within our industry. 

It’s essential to make sure you find press which would genuinely be a good fit for your brand. 

Then, send a pitch. It’s really that simple.

The Pitch

First things first, reply fast. As in, within the hour. 

If you saw our last blog post about pitching, you’ll know that a catchy subject line is everything- the press get dozens of emails, so make them want to open yours.

In the body, answer the question they’ve requested. 

Make sure to spend some time researching it and come up with an interesting answer, so that your quote is more likely to be used. 

Finally, add a bio. This will be an easy way to control how you’re described by media, and ensure you have the best chance of coming across well.

Download The More Press Method

It's our downloadable guide to help you book more press + speaking gigs.

You’ll use the proven pitch template.

You’ll plan out your press schedule.

You’ll send successful pitches.

If you want more press + speaking, you need to know these tips!