How to Find Top Press with HARO

How to Find Top Press with HARO

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If you want free press, you need HARO.

It stands for Help a Reporter Out.

And it’s about to change your business.

Here’s how it works…

All About HARO

HARO is an email service for the press. They’re looking for quotes or sources for their stories.

And it’s used by big names in press

It’s also completely free.

Once you sign up, you’ll receive 3 emails a day.

These emails are filled with reporters who are looking to feature people in their stories.

The topics range from business to wellness to fashion to travel

You can sign up to receive requests for your industry.

There’s also a weekly gifting email, which is for product-based companies who can provide free products to events in exchange for exposure.

The Press Sprint

As I mentioned, HARO sends three emails a day.

That’s a lot of time to check your email.

Try doing a press sprint a few times a year.

Open every HARO email for a week.

Find a Good Fit

Find press which would genuinely be a good fit for your brand.

Head back to your dream client and the problem you solve for them.

Does this press opportunity fit in with that?

It takes time to respond, so make sure it’s a good use of your time first.

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Reply Fast

As in, within the hour.

The reporters will receive hundreds of responses.

You need to be one of the first ones so you don’t get lost.

A Catchy Subject Line

Your subject line is the most important part.

It’s what determines whether your pitch is opened or deleted.

Press contacts receive hundreds of pitches every single day.

And it’s the same for conference organizers, podcasts, and popular events.

Think about how you are providing value to their audience.

That’s your subject!

I like to use numbers and how-to, like “Top 5 Tips for…”, or a ‘How To Achieve...’

These have much higher open rates than other types of subject lines. 

Answer the Question

Your email should answer the question they’ve asked.

Spend ten minutes researching it and come up with an interesting answer.

This ensures that you’re more likely to be featured.

Resist the urge to promote yourself or your products and services.

This is about providing value for the audience.

Add a Bio

You'll include a short paragraph about you and your company.

Include links to your website or attach your press kit.

This is where you can list your accomplishments, products and services, and where people can find you.

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HARO is actually how we’ve received all of our press.

One response got us featured in Washington Pots, CNBC, ABC News, and hundreds of publications around the world.

It’s also helped us get into Girlboss, Brit + Co, Bustle, and tons of other places.

One response to their giftbags email got us into the Golden Globes Gift Bags and Extra TV.

But in the beginning, it wasn’t as easy.

With my skincare line, I tried HARO for a year and never had a single response.

Probably because my pitches were all about me.

I’d talk about my background, how we make our body scrubs, the product line, the ingredients, the results.

And no one cared.

They wanted me to answer the question.

And as soon as I did that, we saw big results.


  1. Join HARO

  2. Respond quickly

  3. Answer the question



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