What it's Really Like to Join a Women's Social Group

What is Really Like to Join a Women's Social Group

It’s so hard to make friends as an adult!


As an entrepreneur, it’s especially hard to find friends who get your lifestyle and share your interests.

In the interest of research (+ expanding our girl gang), we’ve tried out a few different women’s social clubs.

Here’s our experience:


1. We did our research

We found all the organizations in our area (Los Angeles) and looked at what kind of events they typically host. Here are the most common type of events we saw:

  • Monthly coffee meetups

  • Curated introductions to like-minded women

  • Small events in people’s homes

  • Dinners based on a topic of discussion

  • Panels of experts discussing an industry topic

  • Fireside chats with prominent women

  • Large conferences


2. We booked up our calendar

It’s time to test them out! Our social calendar was pretty full for a few weeks because we scheduled 10 events with 10 different organizations (we’ll break down each one in a later post!) We tried to mix it up between intimate house events, conferences, panels, curated introductions, dinner parties, and fireside chats to get a sense of what we liked the best. We found that we prefer small groups that have a curated discussion or topic. That way, you have a chance to meet everyone, it feels intimate and comfortable, and you automatically have something to talk about.


3. We came with talking points (but not about our business)

We all get nervous in a networking situation because we mistakenly think it’s supposed to be self-promotional. But the point of networking isn’t to spam everyone with what you do and convert every guest into a client. It’s to form relationships where you can both help each other. Come prepared with a short statement about what you do but be prepared to talk about what gets you up in the morning: your mission, your family, your hobbies. They make you an interesting person that people want to chat with.


4. We said hi!

I think the hardest thing to do is to walk up to someone you don’t know at an event and start a conversation. But do it anyway! Because everyone is there for the same reason: to meet people + make friends. And they’re probably hoping that someone will walk up to them and say hi.


5. We followed up

Most of the organizations shared the email lists of everyone in attendance so people could chat via email later. We reached out to people that we had a lot in common with at the events and asked if they wanted to grab coffee sometime. The crazy thing? Everyone said yes! We ended up with a new bookclub, a weekly hiking partner, a date to a korean spa, a brunch date, a sushi date, a new client, and a promotional partnership.



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