What it's Really Like to Work in a Co-Working Space

What is Really Like to Work in a Co-Working Space

 We love co-working spaces!

They’re so well-designed, filled with entrepreneurs + free coffee, and they save so much money over a traditional office.

These days, we work out of a co-working space for women in Los Angeles. Here’s what our day looks like:



Arrive. Pick a table + spread out. We do the flexible membership so we can sit by friends but you can also rent a designated desk or private office. Check the mail + fill up on complimentary coffee in the kitchen. I slowly settle in and answer client emails.



My clients arrive for a skype meeting with an international distributor. We head to the conference room, which is equipped with a tv and everything we need to skype overseas. Guests are always really impressed by the conference room.



I head back to my desk + throw my headphones on. Today, I’m filing a trademark for a client so I like to be in the zone and distraction-free!



Lunchtime! I head to the kitchen + find out that it’s complimentary today. It’s catered by a local Japanese restaurant. I grab a plate and eat outside on the balcony with fellow members. It’s just like having co-workers!



I schedule phone consultations with new clients during this time. My favorite part about co-working spaces is that they are always equipped with soundproof phone booths so you can chat with privacy. It also means you aren’t disturbed by other members on the phone.



I grab a drink and head to the outdoor balcony to catch up with some friends who are also members. We chat about our weekly successes and what we’re struggling with. It’s so great to have business friends who can act as sounding boards.



The space is hosting an event on female leadership led by a few women-owned local businesses. I show up to hear the panel speak and meet a great new resource for my video content!



Pack up my bag + head home!



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