How to Make a Free Consultation Worth Your Time

How to Make a Free Consultation Worth Your Time

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You want more sales.

Then, you need a free consultation.

It’s the best way to meet new customers.

Here’s how to do it...

You Need a Consultation

It obviously works for service businesses.

And it also works with product businesses.

The best way to convert people into customers is with a conversation.

Yes, it takes time. But it’s the best way to make sales.

You can sell way better than my website. And way better than your instagram.

Because a conversation is dynamic. You can listen and understand what the person needs and respond to that with how you can help.

A website with excellent copy can come close to that.

But it’s no substitute for a conversation.

So how can you use a consultation to make more sales?

What to Say

If you know your dream client, then you know why they’re calling.

You already know their problem.

And you probably know how to solve it.

If you don’t know your dream client, that’s okay.

You can ask them about their struggle and what they’re hoping to achieve.

Overall, you want to listen more than you talk.

This conversation isn’t about you.

It’s not about how great you are. It’s not even about how great your products and services are. If you try to use that tactic, it’ll come off as salesy.

And nobody wants that.

This conversation is about them. They’re coming to you with a problem.

Listen. Understand.

Then, you can introduce a product or service.

Show them how it can help them get there.

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Write a Script

A script is the best way to start.

It sounds a little formal, but it helps you feel comfortable on the call.

Plus, you’ll make sure that you recommend your products + services in the best way.

Write down the points that you want to cover in this conversation.

Make sure it’s based on the customer.

How can you solve the problem?

What do they need to know?

Practice it.

Try it out and see what works.

Tweak it.

And after awhile you won’t need it.

Make it Easy

It should be easy to book a consultation with you.

And it should be even easier to work with you.

They should be able to schedule an appointment with you online.

They should be able to book a project with you in a convenient way, too.

Sometimes people are online at 2am and they want to start a project or book a consultation or buy a product.

Make sure that you let them do that.

How can you make it easy for people to work with you?

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The Followup

You don’t want to bother anyone.

And you didn’t want to come across as salesy.

But you still need to follow up.

And there’s a delicate way to do it.

You can’t come into their inbox shouting, “did you buy this yet?!”

Remember, sales is about helping people solve a problem.

It’s a mutual transaction. They have a problem. You can offer a solution.

And the followup is the same thing.

They still have this problem. And you can help.

The trick to the followup is to show them that you can provide value.

Think about their problem and the solution they want.

How can you help them take the first step toward solving that?

My Consultation

In my law firm, the consultation is the most important thing.

It’s how we book all of our clients.

It’s in the announcement bar. It’s in the navigation links. It’s in our instagram bio.

And it’s important to me that it’s free.

Because if someone is interested in working together, they aren’t going to pay to figure that out.

We bring in people because of the free consultation. And then we’re able to work with more of them as customers.

I did the same thing with my skincare business as well.

We had free consultations on the wholesale and retail side.

For wholesale, I’d talk with a buyer about their audience and what they were looking for. Then, I’d talk about our product line and what I think would sell.

For retail, I’d talk to customers one on one about their skincare and tell them what products would work best. And I’d have Facebook and Instagram Lives so we could have a big consultation with new customers. I’d ask their skincare questions and offer my recommendations.

It works for any type of business.

Because it’s all sales.

And sales works best when it’s a conversation.


  1. Add a free consultation

  2. Write a sales script

  3. Write a followup



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