What to Say During a Sales Consultation


If you’ve read the last blog, How I Turned my Website into a Sales Generator, then you’re starting to play around with your website and see some leads.

The best way to convert leads into customers is with a conversation.

Yes, it takes time. But it’s the best way to make sales.

I can sell way better than my website.

Because a conversation is dynamic. You can listen and understand what the person needs and respond to that with how you can help.

Of course, if you have good copy, a website can come close to that. But it’s no substitute for a conversation.

So how do you use a consultation to make a sale?


  1. What to Say

If you know your dream client, then you know why they’re calling. You already know their problem. And you probably know how to solve it.

If you don’t know your dream client, that’s okay. You can ask them about their struggle and what they’re hoping to achieve.

Overall, you want to listen more than you talk. This conversation isn’t about you. It’s not about how great you are. It’s not even about how great your products and services are. If you try to use that tactic, it’ll come off as salesy. And nobody wants that.

This conversation is about them. They’re coming to you with a problem. Listen. Understand.

Then, you can introduce a product or service and show how it can help them with the problem. It’s important to know your dream client or customer so that you know what solution they’re looking for here. Show them how you can help them get there.

It’s obviously important to be honest about whether or not you can actually help. You’re not helping anyone if you make a sale that doesn’t actually solve the problem. Yes, you’ll make one sale. But as we’ll talk about later, it’s all about the repeat sale. So if you do them dirty here, you’re only hurting yourself because they’re not coming back.

There are times when I’ll tell people, you don’t need to hire an attorney for that. Yes, I’ve lost out on that sale, but I’ve just built a level of trust with someone. They know I’m being honest with them. And I know they’ll come back when they do need an attorney for something.

2. Make it Easy

It should be easy to book a consultation with you and it should be easier to work with you.

They should be able to book and schedule an appointment with you online. They should be able to work with you in a convenient way, too.

Sometimes people are online at 2am and they want to start a project or book a consultation or buy a product. Make sure that you’re letting them do that.

I have an entire client welcome process that starts when they book a consultation. It’s filled with emails about what to expect, appointment reminders, and a personalized quote. And when they’re ready to work with me, all they have to do is click a button!

How can you make it easy for people to work with you?

3. The Followup

I used to be afraid of following up with people.

I didn’t want to bother anyone. I didn’t want to come across as salesy. It felt icky.

Like I was coming into their inbox shouting, “did you buy this yet?!”

But I started to shift my thinking on sales. It wasn’t about being icky. It was about helping people solve a problem.

It’s a mutual transaction. They have a problem. I can offer a solution.

And the followup is the same thing.

They have a problem. And you can help.

The trick to the followup is to show them that you can provide value.

Think about their problem and the solution they want.

How can you help them solve that in a small way?

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