Brand: The Workshop


Want a Gorgeous Brand?

We’ve got you covered

We’ll start with your dream customers

We’ll figure out their problem

And we’ll build an entire brand

All in 60 minutes!


What You’ll Accomplish

Brand Workbook

You'll find your dream clients

You’ll learn all about them

You’ll start talking directly to them

Brand Workbook

You’ll find the why behind your business

You’ll develop a mission statement

You’ll find your brand themes

Brand Workbook

You’ll create a story for your dream clients

You’ll make it powerful with copy

You’ll make your brand memorable


You’ll find your client’s problem

You’ll learn how it makes them feel

You’ll decide how to solve it

Brand Workbook

You’ll create a brand around your clients

You’ll plan name, logo, colors, images

You’ll create copy and authenticity

You’ll see how 4 brands are built

You’ll walk through the entire process step by step

You’ll learn how to build a brand


Bonus Download

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✔ The Brand Workshop

✔ The One Second Brand Download


Real Talk

You can build a gorgeous brand


When it comes to creating a brand that resonates with dream clients, we know a thing or two.

We receive messages daily from people who tell us, “I love your brand!” We sign new clients weekly because they love our brand. We built a six figure business with our brand.

And we’re showing you how to do the same thing.


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Brand: The Workshop is Right For You If…

✔ You're starting a new brand

✔ You’re ready to take your brand to the next level

✔You want more than a download You want to see exactly how we do it