The Cash is Queen Podcast Interview

We’re a podcast for women entrepreneurs. We normally record solo shows, but once a month, we interview an expert in a different area of business.

Our interview calls are 30 minutes in length. The interview recording will be 15-20 minutes. We'll have a chat before and after the interview, which is why the call time is a bit longer.

I’ll start our conversation by introducing you and telling the listeners a bit about you.

After a quick introduction, we'll dive into the interview. It’ll be fun and conversational…like two friends talking about business over drinks! I’ll send you all the questions in advance.

Before our interview, I’ll also send you a link to our Zoom call. This will be an audio-only interview. And I won't hit the record button right away!

We expect guests to share the episode with their audience as well. Typically, one to two social media posts.

Interview Tips

  1. If you're running late, please let me know. We have a 10 minute window and then we will abandon the interview.

  2. Use a microphone (if possible). It makes such a big difference in sound quality. The episode will sound better + you’ll sound better to our audience.

  3. Please wear headphones! It prevents the audio from echoing.

  4. Pick a quiet location for the interview. A coffee shop isn’t the best idea.

  5. Also, turn off any phone or desktop notifications.

  6. Remove any jewelry or watches that make noise when you move.

  7. Try not to fidget, tap your desk, or move around too much during the call.

And for bonus points…

  1. Close any applications on your computer.

  2. Turn off any automatic updates and stop applications like Dropbox from syncing.

We can’t wait to have you on the show!