Women's Business Accelerator

Women's Business Accelerator


Build your dream business today!

You’ll learn:

  1. How to write a successful business plan

  2. How to build a brand that attracts your dream audience

  3. How to create products + services that customers love at prices they can afford

  4. How to create a social media strategy that converts followers into sales

  5. How to build a proven sales strategy

  6. How to increase productivity and automate to save time

  7. How to protect your brand legally

  8. How to monitor your financials to grow your business

We’ll walk you through each step and show you exactly how to do it

Because it’s time for you to build a successful business


  1. 8 Weekly Workshops (60 Minutes)

  2. 8 Weekly Solo Sessions (30 Minutes)

Bonus Download:

One Contract Template ($49 value)

When You Need The Program:

  1. You're starting a new business

  2. You're ready to take your business to the next level

  3. You want more than a workshop. You want someone to show you how to build a business

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When does the Accelerator start?

The Women’s Business Accelerator is an 8 week program.

It starts anytime you want!

What are the Workshops?

Our workshops are 60 minute videos.

You have lifetime access to the workshops so you can watch them anytime.

What are the Solo Sessions?

Our solo sessions are 30 minute phone calls.

We’ll walk through the workshop and show you exactly how to do it.

I already have a business. Is this program right for me?


This program is designed for beginners and existing businesses.

You’ll build a successful foundation and take it to the next level.

Because it’s time for you to build a successful business.

I already have one of the downloads or workshops. Do I get a discount?

Unfortunately, we aren’t able to do discounts.

The total value of this program is $1393.

We’re able to offer these resources for $497 because it’s an entire program.

If we discount every resource, we’d need to charge for every resource.

And that would make the program too expensive for many women-owned businesses.

We’re confident that the extra value you receive in this program will more than make up for it.

What’s Your Refund Policy?

I know these strategies work because they’re the same ones I used to build a successful product + service business.

But I also want you to be completely comfortable with your purchase.

We’re giving you a full 90 days to complete our accelerator program and start your dream business.

Read the full refund policy.

Do you have payment plans available?

Yes! You can break the total amount into two monthly payments.

We do not charge interest or fees on our payment plans.

I Have a Different Question. Can we Chat?

Absolutely! Send us an email.