Social: The Workshop

Social Media Workshop

Want to Turn Social Media into Sales?

We’ve got you covered.

We’ll increase your social media following.

We’ll bring tons of visitors to your blog.

We’ll create a website to attract subscribers.

And we’ll build an email list that converts.

All in 60 minutes!


What You’ll Accomplish

Social Media Workshop

You’ll design your website around navigation links.

You’ll learn the ten simple changes to increase sales.

You’ll know how to test your website so visitors stay longer.

Social Media Workshop

You’ll decide on a list of blog topics and learn how to create clickable titles.

You’ll create a monthly content strategy and a plan to make time for blogging.

You’ll learn the website design tricks to increase blog readers.

Social Media Workshop

You’ll see the most successful lead magnets and create your own.

You’ll walk through our exact email welcome series and why we did it that way.

You’ll learn how to test your email list so it makes sales automatically.

Social Media Workshop

You’ll learn how to pick the right "follow" accounts.

You’ll know the exact posts to increase engagement.

You'll learn the secret to bringing followers to your website.

Social Media Workshop

You’'ll see how to start your page and create searchable boards.

You’ll test and tweak your pins so they're shared by hundreds.

You’ll learn our Tailwind Tribes strategy to boost your blog, email list, and sales.

Social Media Workshop

You’ll learn how to start your page and how much time to spend on videos.

You’ll learn how to send viewers to your website and make sales.

You’ll see everything we use to create videos so you can start making your own.


You’ll see the changes we made to our website to increase sales.

You’ll walk through our automated email welcome series.

You’ll see our exact Instagram and Pinterest strategies.



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✔ The Social Workshop

✔ The Social Media Strategy Download

Social Media Workshop

Real Talk

You can turn social media into sales


When it comes to growing your social media, we know a thing or two.

We have over 12k followers on Instagram…as a law firm. We built a six-figure business on social media alone. And now we’re showing you how to do the same thing.

You’re not going to hear any “be authentic” nonsense.

We’re talking specifics on how to design your website for sales, how to get more blog readers, the most successful lead magnets, what to say in an email welcome series, the only way to get more Instagram followers, what to post to increase engagement, how to make your pins viral, the Pinterest strategy that blows up your email list, and how to start creating videos.


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Social Media Workshop

The Social Media Workshop is Right For You If…

✔ You want more social media followers.

✔ You want a system to make sales.

✔ You want more than a download. You want to see how we built a social strategy.