Women’s Business Accelerator


Start Your Dream Business

Our Women’s Business Accelerator is an 8 week program that helps you build a successful business.

It includes:

✔ 8 Weekly Workshops

✔ 8 Weekly Solo Sessions


What You’ll Accomplish


You’ll plan your milestones

You’ll set future financial goals

You’ll create a strategy to reach them


You’ll find your dream customers

You’ll figure out their problem

You’ll build an entire brand around it


You’ll develop a cohesive collection

You’ll test your products + services

You’ll set pricing that makes sales


You’ll increase your social following

You’ll bring followers to your website

You’ll turn followers into customers

Course Graphics-2.png

You’ll create a simple sales strategy

You’ll build a customer experience

You’ll nurture repeat sales

Course Graphics-2.png

You’ll create a task center

You’ll increase productivity

You’ll automate to save time

Course Graphics.png

You’ll form the right type of company

You’ll protect your brand and work

You’ll protect your company

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You’ll set up a simple finance system

You’ll set sales goals and a budget

You’ll learn about business taxes


Bonus Download

The Better Business Plan-6.png

Price: $497


✔ 8 Workshops

Business Plan

Products + Pricing


Social Media






The Better Business Plan

The One Second Brand

The Product + Pricing Guide

The Social Strategy

The Sales Machine

The Operations Handbook

The Legal Plan

The Finances Guide

✔ 8 Solo Sessions

Plan Session

Brand Session

Products Session

Social Session

Sales Session

Operations Session

Legal Session

Finances Session


Total Value $1393


Real Talk

You can run a successful business


Your idea is good enough. You have the skills to run a successful business. You can absolutely have the life you want: spending time with family, traveling the world, supporting causes you believe in, and creating a business you love that also pays the bills.

You just need to know the roadmap. That’s where we come in!

We’ve built several successful businesses. The kind that let you quit your day job, work from a gorgeous office in the city, get paid to speak around the world, and spend your days doing something you love. We’ve helped our friends and clients do the same thing.

And now we’re sharing it with you.


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The Women’s Business Accelerator is Right For You If…

✔ You're starting a new business

✔ You’re ready to take your business to the next level

✔ You want someone to help build your business