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Nicole Swartz, Sprout Society, Women's Business Accelerator

Women’s Business Accelerator


You Can Build a Full-Time Business

It’s actually pretty simple.

There is a proven way to build a business.

You need to learn the strategies and implement them.

The marketing strategies. The operations strategies. The money strategies.

That’s how you turn a side hustle into a full-time business.

In this program, we’ll show you all these strategies.

And we’ll help you build a business, too.


We’ll Build Your Business Together

Business Plan

Week 1

Plan Your Business

You’ll brainstorm business milestones. You’ll plan the right way to reach them. You’ll find opportunities and challenges.


Video: How to Plan Your Business

Workbook: The Better Business Plan

Video: My Business Plan

Private Call: Your Business Plan

Build a Brand

Week 2

Build a Beautiful Brand

You’ll learn about your dream customers. You’ll find the problem that you solve. You’ll build your brand around it.


Video: How to Build a Popular Brand

Workbook: The Beautiful Brand Book

Video: My Brand Breakdown

Private Call: Your Brand Breakdown

Products, Pricing Strategy

Week 3

Brainstorm Bestsellers

You’ll build a product + service collection. You’ll learn how to create bestsellers. You’ll set pricing to make sales.


Video: How to Build a Collection

Workbook: The Bestseller Brainstorm

Video: My Bestsellers

Private Call: Your Bestsellers

Grow Your Social Media

Week 4

Grow Your Social Media

You’ll increase website traffic and views. You’ll gain Instagram + Pinterest followers. You’ll turn followers into sales.


Video: How to Grow Your Social Media

Workbook: The Social Media Strategy

Video: My Social Strategy

Private Call: Your Social Strategy

Make More Sales

Week 5

Make More Sales

You’ll create a sales script that converts. You’ll learn how to boost repeat sales. You’ll increase referrals and reviews.


Video: How to Make More Sales

Workbook: The Proven Sales Pitch

Video: My Sales Pitch

Private Call: Your Sales Pitch

Run Your Business

Week 6

Run Your Business Smoothly

You’ll streamline the operations process. You’ll automate systems to save you time. You’ll prioritize tasks to boost productivity.


Video: How to Run a Business

Workbook: The Simple Business Style

Video: My Streamlined Systems

Private Call: Your Streamlined Systems

Protect Your Business

Week 7

Protect Your Business

You’ll learn how to start a legal company. You’ll protect your brand from copycats. You’ll use contracts to avoid problems.


Video: How to Protect Your Business

Workbook: The Legal Guide

Video: My Legal Company

Private Call: Your Legal Company

Make More Profit

Week 8

Make More Profit

You’ll set up an automated finance system. You’ll set sales goals and a simple budget. You’ll learn how to track monthly data.


Video: How to Make a Profit

Workbook: The Monthly Gameplan

Video: My Profit Plan

Private Call: Your Profit Plan

Book Press + Speaking


Book Press + Speaking

You’ll identify your dream opportunities. You’ll learn how to write a proven pitch. You’ll find and pitch press contacts.


Video: How to Get Press + Speaking

Workbook: The More Press Method

Video: My Press Pitch

Private Call: Your Press Pitch


What Women Are Saying

“The Women’s Business Accelerator was the best choice I’ve made for my business to date. If you need a business coach and want to grow your business, but don't have all the time in the world, this is the program for you! I cannot recommend this program enough!"

Nicole Swartz, Sprout Society, Women's Business Accelerator

Meet Nicole



I’m Nicole Swartz.

I’m a business coach for women.

I’ve built three full-time businesses with these strategies.

I sold my first company. My second and third businesses both reached six figures. And I’m launching the fourth business soon.

I started The Women’s Accelerator to teach these strategies.

Because I want to help more women build a business.

To make money, travel the world, and feel fulfilled.

I’d love to help you build a business, too.


Price: $400

Or 4 monthly payments of $100



Video Workshops

You’ll watch weekly video workshops to learn our proven strategies.

Downloadable Workbooks

You’ll complete weekly workbooks to brainstorm your ideas.

Private Coaching Calls

We’ll work together weekly to add the strategies to your business.



How does it work?

You'll start by watching a weekly video workshop to learn our strategies. You'll complete the workbook to brainstorm your ideas. Then, we'll have a 30-minute private coaching call to implement the strategies into your business.

How long does it take?

It usually takes about two hours per week. I recommend you listen to the video workshop once or twice, spend time completing the workbook, and then we'll work through it.

Will this work for my business?

This program works for any business. I've used these strategies to build a product business and a service business. I've seen these strategies work for online shops, beauty brands, accountants, bloggers, and brick and mortars. And I've seen these strategies work around the world.

Is there lifetime access?

Absolutely! You'll have lifetime access to our video workshops and downlaodable workbooks. You can rewatch and rework them anytime.

Are there private sessions?

Yes. Our sessions are 100% private. It's you and me. We'll build your business together.

What's the refund policy?

I believe in these strategies because they're the same ones that I used to build three successful businesses. If you complete the program and your business doesn't improve, we'll issue a refund.